18 August 2017

Make Way for Mermaid Make-Up Brushes

There seems to be an obsession right now in gal world. An obsession that is slowly taking hold, turning even the strongest of independent ladies into helpless conformists. We’ve decided we don’t want to be women anymore. We want to be mermaids.

Mermaids are just so cool, aren’t they? With their long beach-wavy hair, starfish-shaped bras and swishy fish tails, you can’t help but be in awe of them. Whether you’re a male or female, old or young, you can’t deny that they’ve got style. They’ve got sass. They own the ocean.

I blame Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid for kick-starting my obscene obsession.

Mermaids may be classed as mythical creatures, but the fact they’re at the forefront of folklore of many cultures worldwide, I’m helplessly intrigued by them. I mean, what if they were real? 

What if they really did live at the bottom of the sea, helping defenceless crew survive after their ships sink? What if they did have a leader in the form of King Triton who ruled all the oceans? What if they really did think they could use a fork to brush their hair instead of a normal hairbrush?

Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Or maybe I’ve just watched The Little Mermaid too many times.

Regardless of their questionable status, it’s not just me - everybody seems to be going a little mermaid-crazy this summer. Especially when it comes to mermaid-style make-up brushes. 

These mermaid make-up brushes absolutely blew up when they first hit the blogosphere last season. And can you really blame them? I mean, just look how dreamy they are.

I bought these little beauties on eBay the other day. At £2.45 each, they’re an absolute steal! Not only are the brushes two-tone, but they are soft and fluffy in texture, giving you the perfect coverage when you apply your foundation, blusher or highlighter.

Then there’s the actual brush handles… They’re (gasp) shaped like a mermaid tail! How divine. Plus the brushes themselves are super soft! I simply can’t get enough.

Whether you go bold with the rose gold colour way, opt for the ombre purple and blue handle, or (like me) are determined to own them both, these brushes are truly fabulous. And they’ll aid you in embracing your inner mermaid in no time.

J’adore them!


11 August 2017

3 Reasons Why I'm Crushin' on Kylighter

There's a relatively new tool in the world of make-up and beauty. A tool that balances out your complexion, slims down your face and defines your cheekbones. What kind of sorcery is this, I hear you ask?


Admittedly, contouring using highlighter has been a "thing" for a fair few seasons now. Less than a few years ago, however, nobody really bothered with highlighter or didn't particularly know what it was. Perhaps they'd heard of it but didn't know what to do with it, or they didn't own any because they'd never heard of it. I was actually the latter.

However, in the last year, I've got my hands on more than one highlighting product and it's been a revelation. Honestly. Not to exaggerate, but it's changed my life. (Well, not so much changed my life, but it's definitely improved my facial features when I've been wearing it!)

One highlighter that I love specifically is none other than Kylie Cosmetics' Kylighter. (Don't judge me.) I don't particularly care for Kylie Jenner, or anyone who pouts their way through life, but MAN does she make decent make-up!

I've definitely raved about her lip kits in the past (HERE and HERE respectively) but I think that the Kylighter product is even better. Here are 3 reasons why I'm crushin' on it.

1. It comes in an array of dreamy colours.

I got my mitts on the Salted Caramel shade, but it's also available in Strawberry Shortcake, French Vanilla, Chocolate Cherry, Banana Split and Cotton Candy Cream. Sounds good enough to eat, right?

The Salted Caramel is a warm beige hue and looks killer over the top of your daily bronzer or blusher.

2. It's easy to apply.

The smooth, powdered texture of Kylighter means that it sits nicely on the skin, without that disjointed, cakey look.

Salted Caramel looks more prominent when applied with a highlighter brush, but simply use your fingers if you don't have one to hand. (Just watch out for those pesky shiny fingers afterwards!)

It also comes in a cute little compact with a mirror, which is very useful for when you're out and about and feel like topping up.

3. It looks badass...

...And shiny. OH. SO. SHINY! Highlight directly above the cheek bones, under the eyes, down the middle of your nose, in the centre of your chin and in the middle of your forehead to emphasise your facial features in the most flattering way.

Make sure you apply a few layers using the "stroke" movement for a face that lasts a long time and looks fabulous. (#fotd goals!)

Whether you're spending the day shopping with the gals, or heading out for a romantic meal for two, Kylighter makes the perfect addition to your cosmetics for that little extra oomph.

Guys. I'm seriously crushin'.

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4 August 2017

5 of My Favourite Articles I've Written Recently

If you haven't already heard, gurl's been workin' her butt off as a freelance writer for around three months now.

There's been highs, there's been lows - but overall I'm having an absolute blast. I absolutely love working for myself, making my own hours, and deciding who I want to work with - I feel like I was meant to have my own business and be a solopreneur!

I feel fortunate in the sense that I've already written for a number of businesses and publications in different niches. My favourite niches to write in are, of course, fashion and travel. But I'm also really enjoying drawing from my own experiences in the psychology, dating and relationships niche. Just call me the next Carrie Bradshaw! (I wish.)

I realise that I'm not sharing my work with you lovely lot as much as I probably should - or, rather, I haven't yet. Therefore, I'm thinking of making this post a monthly thang. Let me know if you're keen? You can comment below or just hit me up on Twitter @kdavieswrites.

Oh, and you're very welcome to check out my business blog if you're interested in how freelance writing works behind the scenes. I had to do so much research into it before I kickstarted my business, and it's super interesting!

Without further ado, here are just a few of my favourite articles I've written recently.


I actually wrote this piece back in May for fashion eyewear brand Zylina. (And I've just recently joined the team as a regular writer - woo! But I digress.)

In this article, I explore the subject of sustainable and ethical fashion, and what we can do as consumers to help with both the environmental and ethical issues that are still a concern in the industry today.


If you're a regular reader of KatieKat, you'll know that I absolutely adore Singapore. It's one of my favourite places that I've been to in the world so far!

In this piece for adventure blog At Home on the Go, I talk about how's best to spend your time in this amazing metropolis as a first-time visitor.

Life and Happiness

I was a regular writer for psychology, dating and general advice blog Practical Pie throughout the whole of last month. 

It was my idea to write this article as a fun little reminder of what life is all about! I really enjoyed producing this piece so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Health and Well Being

I've never really spoke about this before on this blog, or online in general, so it's kind of a huge deal for me! It makes me nervous, but we really need to get rid of this stigma around mental health.

Throughout my university years, I struggled on and off with depression and anxiety. I still struggle from time to time. (If you'd like me to do a post where I talk about my personal journey with mental illness, then please let me know!)

When the opportunity came up to write for mental health community Sad Runner, I jumped. I wanted to share my own personal battle in order to potentially help someone else with theirs. So I wrote this piece. And Sad Runner loved it enough to publish it.

Dating and Relationships

I've been writing for dating advice blog Go Dates ever since I started this whole freelance writing biz. It's such a laugh!

This article is supposed to be taken with a pinch of salt; it talks about how men will never understand women and women will never understand men! It's a bit of fun, it's tongue-in-cheek, and it was a blast to write.

I think I've sorted you out with enough reading material to get you by for at least a good half an hour - so you better get started! 

Being a newbie when it comes to freelance writing, I still get shy about my work, so please be kind! I'd love to hear your thoughts on these articles but, if I don't hear from you, I'm still very grateful to you for reading the entirety of this post!

Your support means everything to me, so thanks a lot!


27 July 2017

7 Ways To Spend a Weekend in London

I might have been back from London for over five weeks - yeah I know, time flies - but I'm still reminiscing over the amazing time I had. With my American squeeze. Eek!

We hit up Brighton first for five days, before heading to London for the weekend.

Now, I've been to London like 282 times already (okay, slight exaggeration - more like 281), but I always enjoy it each and every time I venture there.

London is a bit like marmite; you either love it or you hate it. I, personally, love it. When I'm visiting, that is.

I don't think I could live there. Too many people. Too much hustle and bustle. And everyone's always racing everywhere all the time. It's so fast-paced that there's no time to just breathe.

But being there for a little while - man, it's exciting! There's always something going on in London. There's so much to see and do. There's such a good vibe about it.

I do love visiting; however, I find it rather exhausting if I go for longer than a couple of days at a time. The city is incredibly spread out, so you end up taking tubes everywhere. And doing a lot of walking. My little footsies were aching like crazy after being there for only 2 nights this time around.

Trust me though, it's worth the pain! And it's a helluva good workout. Here are 7 ways you can spend a weekend in London.

1. Sit out in the sunshine at Trafalgar Square...

...Presuming the weather is decent, of course.

Can you believe that my American bf had visited London previously but never went to Trafalgar Square? He was amazed when I told him it was one of the top tourist spots.

Naturally, I had to show him it. It's such a gorgeous area!

During the summer, people sit out during the day and admire the view of the statues and the fountains. And it's simply divine.

2. Visit The National Gallery.

Trafalgar Square is also home to The National Gallery - and I absolutely love The National Gallery!

Not only does it have over 2,300 paintings, but it's supposedly one of the greatest collections in the whole entire world. Monet, Picasso, you name 'em - you can find all the famous artists here. It's a must-do if you're an art lover, like myself.

Oh and did I mention that it's free to enter? Win, win!

3. Have breakfast at The Bluebird in Chelsea.

Okay, so I might be a wee bit of a Made in Chelsea fan. (You know, the TV show about a bunch of twenty-somethings living in the Chelsea area of London?)

And the MIC gang are always at The Bluebird cafe. Therefore I felt it was only right that I experienced The Bluebird cafe. Obvs.

We had breakfast there on our first full day and it was yummy. They have a pretty little terrace where you can sit out in the morning sunshine and it was just so pleasant. Definitely check it out if you ever have the opportunity!

4. Wander around Leicester Square and/or Piccadilly Circus.

Another two famous tourist hot spots. And another two places the bf didn't realise he had to tick off the London bucket list. (I keep saying bf, shouldn't I just call him by his name? That's easier, right? Nathan - his name is Nathan.)

So I took Nathan for a little mooch around Leicester Square and its array of bars, shops and restaurants. He couldn't believe the amount of people that were in that one area at one time!

Unfortunately, Piccadilly Circus was undergoing some kind of renovation during the day we were there - so he couldn't see it in all its glory. FYI it's usually best to see it at night anyway when it's all lit up.

We still really enjoyed exploring the surroundings though.

5. Stay at the Holiday Inn at Kensington Forum. 

I'd never stayed in Kensington before, but I adore the area! Before we booked to come to London, we spent ages looking for a budget hotel that was near the city centre and easily accessible by tube.

We found the business suites at the Holiday Inn at Kensington Forum hotel on a deal and just had to lock one down for our 2 night stay! Not only was the room spacious with a king size bed, but we also got access to the Executive Lounge throughout the entire duration of our stay.

This hotel is right next to Gloucester Road tube station, which made getting around so much easier! It really was a great place to stay - I highly recommend it.

6. Go shopping on Oxford and/or Regent Street.

A must do whenever I'm in London, I just can't resist browsing the shops in the Oxford Street/Regent Street area.

There's so much choice on offer, whether you're looking for high street bargains or luxury designer goods.

Nathan and I both picked up a couple of goodies each! You can easily kill a day purely by shopping in this area. But, if you're limited on time like we were, why not just head there for an afternoon?

7. Have dinner at Olives restaurant in Kensington.

We were looking for a restaurant on our last night where we could have a nice dinner when Olives popped up on Google.

The food was Italian (my favourite), the reviews were excellent, and it was literally a two-minute walk from our hotel!

Well, we certainly weren't expecting the restaurant to be so high in calibre as it was. The drinks were tasty. The servers were warm and welcoming. And the food was out of this world!

I'd love to go again the next time I'm in London - so I certainly recommend it to you, if you've never been before!

Overall, Nathan and I had such a fantastic time during our two nights in London. Sure, it went quickly, but it always does when you're in the Big Smoke!

I always have fun down there and I'm sure I'll be going again soon enough!

In the mean time, I've got all this beautiful Yorkshire countryside surrounding me to enjoy. It's just a shame Nathan has gone back to Wisconsin for the time being and can't enjoy it with me!


20 July 2017

4 Ways to Style an Outfit for a Summery Occasion

We've all been there. We've got that big event coming up. Whether it's your best friend's daughter's christening, your cousin's wedding reception, or your boyfriend's Uncle's birthday BBQ - it's the summer, our wardrobes are giving us headaches, and we've not got a clue what to wear. Do we dress up, do we dress down, or should we just not bother going at all? The struggle is real. I hear ya, sisters. Here's 4 ways to style an outfit for a summery occasion.

1. Dress up a white tee.

In summer, you can't go wrong with a classic white t-shirt. No matter what the occasion. White looks smart, it stands out in the sunshine, and it compliments any other hue.

I was heading to a Baptism when I wore this outfit, the sun was shining, and I needed to look dressy without going overboard. I chose to pair my white tee with a floaty floral skirt. Essentially any pattern looks summery with white, but I just can't resist a good floral print! #sorrynotsorry

2. Add colour.

Who wants to stick with neutral colours in the summer months? The sun's out, the days are longer, and everyone's happier - so why not choose joyful colours to wear? If you do decide to go with a white tee, like moi, then make sure you add at least one other bright colour to your outfit.

Personally, I went with a blue, coral and green combo skirt - then I picked out green to accent through my handbag and jewellery.

3. Accessorise to the max. 

Speaking of accessories, when it comes to summer outfits, go big or go home. Seriously. I ain't lyin'.

Adorn your white tee with a bedazzling necklace, or throw on some bling in the form of your earrings and rings. It's the best way to take your outfit from "I'm going food shopping" casual to "I'm looking fabulous at an event" smart casual real quick.

4. Apply a bright lip.

If you're going sassy and summery with your outfit, then you need to go sassy and summery with your make-up too. Obvs.

It's okay to tone your face down if you're going to be out in the sun all day and you'd rather wear your lightweight tinted moisturiser with SPF instead of cake your skin in foundation. However, if you're going to keep it simple with the face and the eyes - because there's a good chance you'll be wearing sunglasses - then go bold with your lip.

Pick a colour from your outfit and then choose a lipstick that will compliment the whole outfit. For my summery occasion, I went with coral. Coral is the perfect summer hue and looks kick-ass with white. It also looks great if you colour block it other loud-and-proud hues, such as blue and green in this case.

Whatever you decide to wear for your summery occasion, wear it with pride. And that confidence will shine through, making you the most unstoppable gal in the room.

White Tee - NEXT
Floral Skirt - Topshop
Nude Sandals - Primark
Green Handbag - FOSSIL
Aviator Sunglasses - Rayban
Earrings - Matalan
Necklace - Primark
Rings - DKNY

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