18 September 2017

3 Things That Never Get Old About Having Ombre Hair

I've had ombre hair for what feels like years now. (It's actually probably only been about... No, wait. It has been years... About four to be precise.)

Anyway, the point is: I absolutely love having ombre hair.

I particularly love the brunette and blonde combination, which is ideal for me as my hair is naturally brunette, so I usually just get blonde highlights. Whether I let it grow out so that it's only my ends that are frosted blonde, or I decide to take the blonde almost right up to my roots, ombre hair always looks so carefree and awesome. (If I do say so myself!)

After eight months of neglect, I decided to head to the hairdressers last week so that my stylist could re-blonde me. (New word!) It was then that I got to thinking... Ombre hair rocks. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to the dark side of having my hair just one colour all over. Now where's the fun in that?

Here are 3 things that never get old about having ombre hair.

1. It looks natural and unique.

Ombre hair looks like you've just let your hair grow out, and your colour has faded with it. Some might call it lazy, but I call it the natural look. Instead of bombarding people with just one striking colour, ombre hair usually involves a gradual gradient from one colour to another, i.e. brunette to blonde. As someone who loves variety, why just have one hair colour when you can have several different shades all at once?

Plus, ombre hair is unique. It's not unique in the sense that every Tom, Dick and Harry has it these days (why isn't there a female version of that expression?) - rather, it's unique to every person. Colour takes differently to each person's hair, and the natural colour of the individual affects the shades of ombre they can rock.

2. It's low maintenance AF.

Want to leave it months before you have your hair coloured again? You can with ombre hair. If, like me, it costs you a small fortune to have your hair coloured professionally and you daren't risk doing it yourself in case you screw it up royally - ombre hair means that you don't have to visit the hairdressers as regularly as everybody else. Gone are the days where you had to visit your hairdresser every 6 weeks to top up your roots otherwise they'd look vile - goodbye, hallelujah, see ya never! Simply go to your stylist when you can afford it, and your colour will still look ombre no matter what length your hair gets to.


3. The opportunities are endless.

Like I just said, you can grow out your ombre so that your contrast colour is minimal, or you can schedule regular hairdresser appointments to keep your contrast colour more prominent at all times. OR you can completely change your ombre colour at any time. Want to switch it up? Go from dark brunette to light brunette, black to red, or even dye your blonde ends something totally out there - like pink or blue. The choices are endless! Being complex beings, us gals do like our variety, and some of us get bored easily (cough) - so this style is perfect as it allows us to mix things up.

Like I said before, I don't think I'll ever go back to that one-hair-colour lyf. This is too beneficial, innit.

Here's to another four years of ombre hair!

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8 September 2017

5 of My Favourite Articles I Wrote in August

What's goin' on, guys and gals?

I don't know if you saw, but last month I wrote a blog post telling you all about 5 of my favourite articles that I'd written during my freelance writing journey thus far.

I've since decided to make this into a monthly thang, because my freelance writing work seems to be a topic of interest to you all at the moment! A lot of you want to know all the juicy details regarding how I'm getting on, the pieces I'm writing on a daily basis, and the types of clients I'm actually writing for.

Well, I'm happy to oblige!

My advice to you, after reading this post of course, is to start with my freelance writing blog. Then simply go from there!

As for me, I'm still writing in the fashion, travel and dating niches as a general rule. However, last month, I actually wrote primarily in the fashion and dating/relationships niches. Here are 5 of my favourite articles I wrote in August.


This was a trend-based piece for luxury Italian fashion brand Scarci, where I talk through the key textures of the Spring/Summer season. 

I used the menswear SS17 designer catwalks as inspiration and tied it in with Scarci's current collections.

2. What is High Street Fashion?

Many Americans aren't quite familiar with British term 'high street fashion'.

In this piece, I explore what is meant by this term, where it originated from and the key fashion brands that are on the high street at the moment.

3. In Her Closet: Katie Davies' 5 Fashion Must-Haves

I was initially approached through this blog by fashion retailer Obsessory. The aim was to do a guest post based on the 5 fashion staples I believe all women should have in their wardrobes.

I define the rationale for each of my 5 choices, including where you can currently get your hands on these items! I also posted the article on this blog here.

Dating and Relationships

4. 12 Things That are Guaranteed to Happen on a Single Girls' Night Out

Side note: I'm really enjoying writing for women's online magazine The Bolde, which is all about empowering women in their relationships, and in their lives in general.

This article was super fun to write! We all remember those crazy single nights out we've had with our friends... I mean - how could we forget them, right? I talk about 12 things that always seem to occur on said nights out, when you and your gals are all out together, having fun, and likely intoxicated.

5. I Wear the Pants In My Relationship and I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way

(Or trousers, if you're British.)

In a relationship, there's always one of you who's considered the leader. The one in charge. The one that wears the pants/trousers.

In this article, I talk about why I class myself as the one in charge in my relationship and why I'm so very happy about it! (Sorry, boyfriend - but I'm not sorry!)

That's all for this one, folks! I hope you enjoy reading some of my recent articles, and I'll be posting more of my published work next month!

If you can't wait that long, check out my portfolio page here, as I try to update that as regularly as I can.

Oh and, if you need a writer for anything, anything at all - then hit me up at dreamscribe.co.uk.

As always, thanks for reading! And thanks for all your support, you babes. YOU DA BEST <3

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31 August 2017

5 of My All-Time Favourite American Sportswear Fashion Trends

There’s no denying that the lines between sportswear and fashion are somewhat blurred of late. From women choosing to wear active-wear just to meet a friend for coffee, to men slinging on a sports cap for work when they’re having bad hair day, sportswear in the fashion world has become the norm.

Why, I hear you ask?

Sportswear is so comfortable and practical. It’s not too try-hard. It requires less effort to wear - and yet still looks just as good.

Influenced by some of the most-loved American sports, sportswear fashion is undoubtedly on the rise in the UK. Being an average English girl who regularly visits her boyfriend in the US, I’ve massively picked up on this in the last couple of seasons.

Here are my 5 all-time favourite American sportswear fashion trends.

1. Converse trainers.

Do you remember when Converse first came out and everybody went crazy? Well, no you wouldn’t, because you weren’t born back then.

Famous American basketball player Chuck Taylor might have started wearing and selling the shoes in the 1920s, but the hype still remains strong two decades after the sneakers retro-ed in the 1980s.

Basketball trainers have always been a “thing”, but they really became more of a “thing” when Chuck Taylor released them in dozens of colours in the 1980s. Originally designed to be a high performance athletic shoe for basketball games, their rubber sole and upper canvas makes them seriously comfy.

I have one trusty white pair at the moment that I wear with everything. They’re so easy to fall in love with that I’m considering going out and buying like, five more pairs.

2. Baseball caps.

More popular with men than women, but still worn by both sexes, American-style baseball caps show no signs of going out of style.

Dating back to 1860, the baseball cap was first designed to keep the sun out of players’ eyes whilst they were playing a game. The baseball cap was also an important means of identifying a team.

Fast forward 157 years, the baseball cap has become a cool way to show off your dedication to your sports team, yet practical to wear in the warm weather. And sales of baseball caps continue to grow, even in the UK.

My boyfriend practically lives in his.

3. Varsity jackets.

Varsity jackets, baseball jackets, letterman jackets; call them what you like, varsity jackets are still very much a forefront trend in the fashion world.
The inspiration initially came from baseball attire in the US, with the premise being to wear the jacket to represent your favourite baseball team. This then expanded to American football, high school and college sports teams, and now the jacket has been given a contemporary, fashion twist.

From their initial showing on designer catwalks back in 2015, varsity jackets have not only stuck around ever since, but they have developed globally each season.

You can now buy these jackets in a variety of colors, textures and fabrics – including polyester, leather, and cotton. However, the most successful type still remains the traditional wool jacket, with one colour for the body, another color for the sleeves, and banded stripe detailing on both the collar and hems.

I’m massively crushing over them.

4. Basketball jerseys.

Basketball jerseys, in the form of vests, remain a common style choice for the warmer summer months.

When basketball jersey vests first came on the scene in the US, like with varsity jackets, the idea behind them was to show up to games wearing the one that represented your team. However, as time has gone on, people have chosen to wear their basketball jerseys outside of games - to the “mall”, in a bar on a Saturday night, to their partner’s cousin’s birthday dinner. And no, I’m not exaggerating!

It’s not just the official basketball team jerseys. There’s a variation of them on the fashion market, even internationally.

Not too long ago, for example, US basketball team-inspired jerseys reigned supreme in some of my favourite UK fashion-forward stores - such as Topshop.

In other words, basketball jerseys are vastly becoming a fashion phenomenon worldwide.

5. American football jerseys.

Basketball jersey vests might be great for summer when it’s warm outside, but what about those colder months? Goodbye, basketball jerseys. Hello, American football jerseys.

With the longer sleeve length and hem length, these jerseys make for a perfect Autumnal alternative. Then you can simply layer them up over a long sleeved shirt for wintery weather.

In the US, it’s very common to casually wear your favourite American football team’s official jersey when you’re out buying your weekly supply of groceries on a Sunday. And not only wear it, but wear it with pride.

Perhaps not quite as popular internationally as basketball jerseys, I’ve still spotted a fair few American football jerseys on the UK high street. Primark - I’m looking at you, kid.

Varsity Jacket - £410 - modalist.com
American Football Jersey - £92 - popmap.com
Baseball Cap - £12 - boohoo.com
American Flag Converse - £27 - gilt.com
Basketball Jersey - £40 - modalist.com

Whether you’ve already bought into some of these trends, or you’re an American sportswear virgin, you might as well embrace sports fashion - like, pronto. It’s fun, it’s easy to wear and, most importantly, it looks like it’s here to stay.

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24 August 2017

5 Wardrobe Staples That Every Woman Should Own

Everybody has fashion staples in their wardrobe that they wear repeatedly. They form the base of most of your looks and one key piece can prove to be the starting point of 10 different outfits. And, it doesn’t even matter whether they’ve only been purchased recently, or been hanging there for the last however many years. These wardrobe essentials are likely to sustain the test of time for a specific reason or to fulfill a certain purpose. If I could pick just 5 to create my own personal capsule collection, here’s what would make it to the shopping list:

1. 100% Cotton Classic White T-Shirt

Project Social T Tiny Crew Neck Tee, £23.84

This is THE wardrobe staple of wardrobe staples; there’s no way you can mess up with a classic white t-shirt. I prefer to invest in the 100% cotton variety. It might be a little more expensive than a cheap fabric equivalent, but it’s worth the investment considering how many uses you get out of it. It will last you many washes without losing vibrancy, shape, fit, or colour.

Pair your white t-shirt with a pretty printed high-waisted floral skirt during summer and your favourite flats, or layer it up during winter with jeans, sneakers and an oversized bomber jacket.

2. Levi’s Skinny Jeans

Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans, £75.35

Pretty much the ruler of the denim world with jeans as its best offering, Levi’s has always been my go-to for a good pair of jeans that fit like a dream. The brand produces superior-quality, long-lasting denim in a variety of colours, washes, cuts, and styles. Levi’s is loved by both sexes across the globe for its ability to keep on delivering, season after season.

My evergreen staple is a pair of high-waisted Levi’s skinny jeans that flatter my pear-shaped body. I team them with a camisole vest and oversized sunglasses during the day, and then switch over to a structured blouse and sky high heels when I’m taking my skinny jeans out for the night.

3. Black Leather Backpack

Michael Michael Kors Rhea Backpack, £331

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m an avid traveller and have been bitten by the travel bug pretty bad. This means I’m always jet setting to new cities, countries, sometimes even continents.

The one thing that sees me through it all is my trusty leather backpack. Yes, no flimsy handbags for me. In case you didn’t know, backpacks are big in 2017; they were THE thing in the 90s, and they will continue to be resurrected by fashion houses as a staple piece because they are as functional as they are attractive.

My backpack holds all my important travel documents and essentials which is why I invest in a reputed brand. With good quality leather and make, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overloading because it’s built to last.

Also, black because the colour is so classic - it goes with everything! The silver studs on the MK backpack appeal to my edgy fashion aesthetics which are a bit more rock chic than the average fashionista.

4. Converse Sneakers

Converse Animal Hi Tops, £28

Also ideal for travelling, I don’t think I’d survive without a great pair of sneakers. Sometimes I can spend the entire day venturing around a new city, which means that comfortable shoes are a must.

My favourite: Converse sneakers—I wish I could buy every style on the shelves. Not only do they fit well and are very kind to the tootsies, but they come in a range of extremely eye-catching prints and colours.

Mine are actually monochrome animal print, as I can’t resist a good print. Plus, monochrome complements any colour way, no matter what I’m wearing on my top and bottom half.

Sometimes I throw them on with my classic white tee and Levi’s jeans for a casual, yet fashionable look, and sometimes I dress them up for a dinner out with friends with a skater-style dress.

5. Short-Sleeved Plain Shift Dress

Boohoo Harriet High Neck Shift Dress, £6

My final wardrobe staple is a plain shift dress that’s cut just above the knee in length. I prefer short sleeves as they’re more flattering on my curvier arms, and you can wear the style over a pair of leggings or stockings during the colder months (like a tunic). It also can be layered with a jacket for spring.

In terms of palette, it’s best to choose a colour that suits your skin tone. I usually go for something out of the ordinary like wine red or royal blue because it helps add a bit of vibrancy to my pale complexion. And then there are always classic shades like nudes, greys, blacks for those who prefer to play it safe.

I dress my plain shift dress up with a black blazer, black tights and statement necklace for the office or smart casual occasion - then apply a bold lip to up the ante; I’m absolutely addicted to matte liquid lipstick.

I alternatively throw on a denim jacket, a long bohemian-style necklace, and sandals for ‘everyday casual cool’ during the summer months. Très chic.

Whether you’re all set with your wardrobe staples, or are currently in the process of building them up, I believe you should take your time to invest in good-quality pieces that suit your personal style and body shape. But also, have fun with fashion!

Original article written for Obsessory.com. Images courtesy of Obsessory.com.


18 August 2017

Make Way for Mermaid Make-Up Brushes

There seems to be an obsession right now in gal world. An obsession that is slowly taking hold, turning even the strongest of independent ladies into helpless conformists. We’ve decided we don’t want to be women anymore. We want to be mermaids.

Mermaids are just so cool, aren’t they? With their long beach-wavy hair, starfish-shaped bras and swishy fish tails, you can’t help but be in awe of them. Whether you’re a male or female, old or young, you can’t deny that they’ve got style. They’ve got sass. They own the ocean.

I blame Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid for kick-starting my obscene obsession.

Mermaids may be classed as mythical creatures, but the fact they’re at the forefront of folklore of many cultures worldwide, I’m helplessly intrigued by them. I mean, what if they were real? 

What if they really did live at the bottom of the sea, helping defenceless crew survive after their ships sink? What if they did have a leader in the form of King Triton who ruled all the oceans? What if they really did think they could use a fork to brush their hair instead of a normal hairbrush?

Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Or maybe I’ve just watched The Little Mermaid too many times.

Regardless of their questionable status, it’s not just me - everybody seems to be going a little mermaid-crazy this summer. Especially when it comes to mermaid-style make-up brushes. 

These mermaid make-up brushes absolutely blew up when they first hit the blogosphere last season. And can you really blame them? I mean, just look how dreamy they are.

I bought these little beauties on eBay the other day. At £2.45 each, they’re an absolute steal! Not only are the brushes two-tone, but they are soft and fluffy in texture, giving you the perfect coverage when you apply your foundation, blusher or highlighter.

Then there’s the actual brush handles… They’re (gasp) shaped like a mermaid tail! How divine. Plus the brushes themselves are super soft! I simply can’t get enough.

Whether you go bold with the rose gold colour way, opt for the ombre purple and blue handle, or (like me) are determined to own them both, these brushes are truly fabulous. And they’ll aid you in embracing your inner mermaid in no time.

J’adore them!

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