22 December 2010

A/W 10 Countryside Chic

I spy, with my little eye, countryside style... And I like it!

This trend ties in with my last post and the Barbour brand, as Barbour promotes the practicality aspect of their products for countryside activities and pursuits.

When we did primary research for the Barbour project and went to Southwell (a little village on the outskirts of Nottingham), their wax and quilted jackets, and those of their competitors, were everywhere! It proves Countryside Chic is back for A/W 10.

I've noticed that the countryside has been used a lot recently for photoshoot backdrops to communicate this trend, as well as the functionality of particular products for the cold Winter season.

This one for Company magazine (photographer unknown) was particularly effective...

There's a certain sultry and mysterious mood being conveyed through the use of the location and poses, which entices the consumer and makes them look closer.

I also like this shot by Elizabeth Johnson:

The use of colour is fab; the clothes that the model is wearing stand out in the foreground against the green and brown leaves, yet pick up the dark brown of the tree barks in the background. Great combination!

Brands are now beginning to pick up this countryside theme for their advertising campaigns. Purdey is a recent example...

...and Urban Outfitters currently have these images on their website to promote one of their A/W 10 collections:

I love the rich use of colour in these photographs, as well as the different textures. I also love how each shot is individual and striking... The three examples that I have picked show variety and that's important to have in a photoshoot.

These shots were actually used in our photographic brief for Barbour, as inspiration for the kind of photo shoot backdrop and mood we suggested that they should incorporate into their next advertising campaign. This was the moodboard that we included:

I'd love to say that I created this... However it was my peer, and very good friend, Lexie! It just shows though, the fact that we acknowledged Countryside Chic and forefronted it as the main theme of the photoshoot for Barbour... Well, aren't we good Fashion Marketing students... On the money!

20 December 2010

Blame Barbour!

I realise that it's been a while since my last post - I do apologise!

I have just finished a major project at Uni which took up most of my time. We worked in groups with the Barbour brand, suggesting a new communication strategy that they could implement to target a new demographic of consumers.

The final result was a 10 minute pitch to Stuart, actually from the Barbour brand, a 10,000 word report, an advertising brief, a photographic brief & a literary review. Can you see now why I have been so busy?!

Barbour have been getting more recognition recently due to the fact that quilted jackets are in fashion, and Barbour provides different styles of high quality quilted jackets in their collections. A new love for the brand is also thanks to celebrities, such as Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo, who have been spotted wearing the wax jacket, Barbour's hero piece.

Working closely with the Barbour brand for almost two months has increased my own desire for a Barbour jacket! I'd love a khaki coloured quilted one, like this one:

I'll put it on my Christmas list and hope that Santa delivers. I have been a good girl working hard after all...
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