6 January 2011

SS11 Trend Alert: Colour Punching/Blocking

The future is bright with this S/S 11 trend!

(Magazine scan courtesy of Marie Claire)

I remember when colour blocking was 'in' a few seasons ago... But I found it difficult conforming to it. My personal style is quite grungy/edgy... so colour blocking is a bit out of my comfort zone, to say the least! I think it's important to only follow trends that are right for you, and relate to your personal style. Otherwise, how do you expect to rock it when you feel super silly? Confidence is key to pulling off any outfit. FACT.

But back to the subject at hand - tangerine, acid pink, egg yolk, grass green, cobalt and violet are set to be the colours to buy - taken from designer catwalks such as Roksanda Ilincic, Prabal Gurung, Giambattista Valli, Fendi, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Hermes, Burberry Prosum and Viktor & Rolf.

Just because this trend is not for me doesn't mean it's not for you. If you want to colour block, it is suggested you pair your piece (or pieces) with neutrals and whites so that you don't look like a walking rainbow! And, this way, you can just let your pieces stand out and do the talking.

3 January 2011

My Very First Cath Kidston Haul

When I come home for the holidays it's the norm for my Mum and sister show me the new things that they have bought since I last saw them.

One of the things my Mum pulled out was a Cath Kidston apron... 'Lovely, Mum'... Then she pulled out a Cath Kidson tea towel... 'Lovely'... Then my sister showed me her Cath Kidston make-up bag... 'Wow you've got Cath Kidston too, nice!' Then a gadget case... 'Yeah, okay'... Then a keyring... Then a purse... 'Right, now it's getting old.'

Then to top it all off when I saw one of my friends from home she had a Cath Kidston case on her Iphone 4! People are going Cath Kidston crazy!

I could see it happening at some point. I mean, Cath Kidston products are truly endearing - I just adore the prints and colours that are used - but why is it happening now?

When I think of Cath Kidston, I think of ditsy florals, chintz, cherry patterns and of course, the typical 1950's housewife. The only reason I can think of as to why there is a higher consumer demand for this brand's products at the moment is the trend of nostalgia.

The brand hasn't done anything differently, apart from open at least 10 more stores in the UK in the past year or so. Okay, so a more well known high street presence could be helping to increase the demand... But I honestly believe it's nostalgia. The fashion sector sparked off the trend, and now other retailers are jumping on board.

Having realised this - I might have sold out a bit and bought myself a few Cath Kidson items in the sale in York. Cheeky, I know!

But I seriously couldn't resist.


Why I Love Betty's Tearooms in Yorkshire

Yesterday my parents took me to York for the day and we had lunch in the cutest place ever - Betty's.

If you're not from Yorkshire, you probably won't know of Betty's... And that's a crime! Betty's is described as 'cafe tea rooms'; it is a brand well known for their chocolates, cakes and speciality teas. There are five cafe tea rooms in total - in Harrogate, Harlow Carr, Ilkley and Northallerton, as well as York.

It was my first time in Betty's yesterday and I have just fallen head over heels in love with the brand. It has been established since 1919 and as soon as you step through the doors there is a sense of heritage and traditionalism through the decor and the music, which consists of the Pavilion String quartet! A scene from the film Titanic came to mind, where Rose allows Jack to escort her to dinner in the dining hall and all the rich people are sat having a meal to the sounds of the String Quartet. 1900's chic!

We bought a couple of things from the bakery and I noticed the fact that 'Est. 1919' was written underneath the logo on the carrier bag... Then I looked around and noticed that everywhere the logo was featured (on the menu, on the walls, on the napkins even!), so was 'Est. 1919'.

It just made me realise there are so many brands out there using their long-established heritage as a promotional element these days... And it's not just fashion brands like Barbour and Burberry!

I'm not sure you can quite call it a trend, because it is likely these brands have always promoted their heritage and it has only just come to my attention! But it's something I have definitely noticed more than one brand doing... So it must be of significance to write about, right?

Either way, I now love Betty's! And that's not going to change anytime soon.

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