27 February 2011

Colour Blocking in S/S 11 Advertising

Several of the luxury brands have decided to incorporate the current trend of colour punching/blocking into their S/S 11 advertising campaigns.

Whether it be through the clothing the model is wearing against a white backdrop in order for the neon hues to jump out of the page (Jil Sander):

Or whether it be through a bright two-tone gradient backdrop with the model simply dressed in white for effective contrast (Michael Kors):

It's clear to conclude that the luxury brands are going colour crazy!

I have two favourites from the campaigns that I have come across so far. The first is Kurt Geiger.

The brand successfully incorporates a contrast of textures, through the silky mattress that the model is sitting on and the feather effect coming in from the left hand side, as well as the colour blocking, to create an aesthetically pleasing image.

The second is Fendi.

Through the sky blue coloured hue of the background, the neon accessories the model is wearing and that sensationally bright pink lipstick... this image looks extremely exotic and summery. It creates a story and makes you believe that the woman in the image is on holiday somewhere luxurious, having a fabulous time! It gives you a sense of that aspirational lifestyle that the brand is trying to sell... And pulls it off quite nicely, in my opinion!

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