20 March 2011

Fishtail Plaits

That's right, according to Elle's Hair Forecast the Fishtail plait is back for S/S 11!

I adore how pretty and feminine they look!

I have a friend, Fran, who was in my flat last year, and she used to plait her hair that way all the time... It made me so jealous because I could never do it myself! She would plait it for me from time to time... But with me not living with her anymore I haven't been able to rock the look!

HOWEVER... One of my best friends, Nicki, kindly did me a Fishtail the other week when we went out dressed as Aborigines for the Netball social! :)

I had it kind of neat that night, although I think they are more gorgeous messy like this:

Now I have instructions, there's no excuse... I MUST LEARN TO DO IT MYSELF!
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