25 April 2011

Strong Female Endorsers

So, Katy Perry recently brought out a perfume! That's two out of my three major girl crushes at the moment that have put their faces to a perfume product.

I feel a bit of a male doing this but my top three girl crushes go like this:

#3 - Rihanna
#2 - Katy Perry
#1 - Beyonce

All female music artists. All talented. All beautiful!

The trend for these powerful role models seems to be putting their face to a beauty product first... Rihanna for Covergirl Cosmetics:

Katy Perry for Proactiv Skincare:

& Beyonce for L'Oreal:

(Beyonce clearly wins in this round!) Then follows the perfume product... Katy Perry's 'Purr':

Beyonce's 'Heat':

And now I'm just waiting for Rihanna's perfume!

I've smelled Beyonce's 'Heat' and its rather spicy and unique, unlike Katy Perry's 'Purr' which is a bit more tame and sweet. The scents aren't enough to entice me to buy them at the moment as I have a drawer full of perfume at home... But I'm sure, for most people, the scents don't even matter. They just want to smell like Beyonce and Katy Perry... have a piece of them... buy into their lifestyle, even if it is in such a small way.

Very clever, ladies! You sure know how to get money out of your fans!

10 April 2011

Festival Hype

It's that time of year. Everyone's starting to talk about festivals and what might be in fashion this year according to the S/S 11 trends! Western Chic is a big rumour (fringing, checked shirts, anything tan), along with New Romantic (ditsy florals, floaty fabrics, pastel colours)!

I personally love the festival fashion hype. Usually I read about all the trends at the beginning of the festival season as the first ones (like Isle of Wight and Glasto) are going on... Then I perfect my outfit in time for Leeds at the end of August!

BUT this year that's all going to change. Having been to Leeds for three years running now, I've decided to go in a different direction... This year, I'm hoping to get a day ticket for Download in June (same time as Isle of Wight)! This is the line-up:

I want to go on the Sunday - Bowling for Soup, The Pretty Reckless and Linkin Park?! Yes please!

So that means that this year, I will have to be part of the festival fashion trend setters, rather than the followers!

I'm really looking forward to seeing The Pretty Reckless though... I've always had a bit of a girl crush on Taylor Momsen, ever since she was in Gossip Girl! I like her grungey/gothic style:

And I like her even more now she's the front woman of The Pretty Reckless! I admire her confidence and attitude; that's what makes her so stylish! You can see what I mean in the band's video for one of their songs, Miss Nothing (click here.)

Girl Power!

Bring on the festival season! :)

5 April 2011

Seventies Fever

Oh how fashion loves nostalgia!

For my Easter project at Uni I had to create a portfolio of work that I could potentially show to an employer. I thought I would make a couple of new moodboards and based one of them on the current S/S 11 trend of the Seventies.

Now, this trend is inspired by all elements of the seventies - from disco glamour to hippie chic:

But I decided to base my moodboard on the single aspect of disco glamour, inspired by Studio 54 and icons of the era such as Farrah Fawcett and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever:

As I was gathering images and textures I noticed that the beauty and hair industry have also been affected by the trend - everyone's going seventies mad!

Add caption

I'm personally a fan of the glitter eyeshadow and messy backcombed hair look, so I will be embracing this trend head on! Long live disco!

Androgyny Power

I love it when two of my biggest passions, music and fashion, interlink.

A perfect example of this at the moment is new up and coming artist Jessie-J singing how she can 'do it like a brother, do it like a dude' in her debut single!

(Note: please now watch this video here due to a broadcasting copyright issue.)

How convenient to say that one of S/S 11's micro trends is androgyny!

Raybans. Trilbies. Loafers. Tailored trousers. Brogues. Blazers.

Girls, its time to get manly! :)

I'm personally a big fan of tailoring:

For me, nothing says smart better than a black fitted blazer!

I really love men's style shoes for women, as well. I got a gorgeous pair of tan loafers from Primark the other day... For ten pounds, they're not too shabby!

I've got my eyes on these Topshop babies now:

Nom nom nom! Ha.

Now they're an example of GOOD footwear androgyny, but not all of them are good. Check out these bad boys:

For a woman? Definitely a bit too far! They remind me of my Dad's work shoes!

It just proves that even Topshop doesn't always get it right!
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