5 April 2011

Androgyny Power

I love it when two of my biggest passions, music and fashion, interlink.

A perfect example of this at the moment is new up and coming artist Jessie-J singing how she can 'do it like a brother, do it like a dude' in her debut single!

(Note: please now watch this video here due to a broadcasting copyright issue.)

How convenient to say that one of S/S 11's micro trends is androgyny!

Raybans. Trilbies. Loafers. Tailored trousers. Brogues. Blazers.

Girls, its time to get manly! :)

I'm personally a big fan of tailoring:

For me, nothing says smart better than a black fitted blazer!

I really love men's style shoes for women, as well. I got a gorgeous pair of tan loafers from Primark the other day... For ten pounds, they're not too shabby!

I've got my eyes on these Topshop babies now:

Nom nom nom! Ha.

Now they're an example of GOOD footwear androgyny, but not all of them are good. Check out these bad boys:

For a woman? Definitely a bit too far! They remind me of my Dad's work shoes!

It just proves that even Topshop doesn't always get it right!

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