5 April 2011

Seventies Fever

Oh how fashion loves nostalgia!

For my Easter project at Uni I had to create a portfolio of work that I could potentially show to an employer. I thought I would make a couple of new moodboards and based one of them on the current S/S 11 trend of the Seventies.

Now, this trend is inspired by all elements of the seventies - from disco glamour to hippie chic:

But I decided to base my moodboard on the single aspect of disco glamour, inspired by Studio 54 and icons of the era such as Farrah Fawcett and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever:

As I was gathering images and textures I noticed that the beauty and hair industry have also been affected by the trend - everyone's going seventies mad!

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I'm personally a fan of the glitter eyeshadow and messy backcombed hair look, so I will be embracing this trend head on! Long live disco!

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