25 April 2011

Strong Female Endorsers

So, Katy Perry recently brought out a perfume! That's two out of my three major girl crushes at the moment that have put their faces to a perfume product.

I feel a bit of a male doing this but my top three girl crushes go like this:

#3 - Rihanna
#2 - Katy Perry
#1 - Beyonce

All female music artists. All talented. All beautiful!

The trend for these powerful role models seems to be putting their face to a beauty product first... Rihanna for Covergirl Cosmetics:

Katy Perry for Proactiv Skincare:

& Beyonce for L'Oreal:

(Beyonce clearly wins in this round!) Then follows the perfume product... Katy Perry's 'Purr':

Beyonce's 'Heat':

And now I'm just waiting for Rihanna's perfume!

I've smelled Beyonce's 'Heat' and its rather spicy and unique, unlike Katy Perry's 'Purr' which is a bit more tame and sweet. The scents aren't enough to entice me to buy them at the moment as I have a drawer full of perfume at home... But I'm sure, for most people, the scents don't even matter. They just want to smell like Beyonce and Katy Perry... have a piece of them... buy into their lifestyle, even if it is in such a small way.

Very clever, ladies! You sure know how to get money out of your fans!

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