26 June 2011

Coldplay's Postmodern Glasto Set

Last night I watched Coldplay headline Glastonbury for the third time. It's safe to say... They absolutely killed it!

They've got a new album in production and played a couple of songs from it during their set... It amazes me that they've been around for so long and yet they're still managing to churn out good music!

I couldn't help in noticing the theme of the production though... It was very fluorescent and psychedelic... And extremely on trend with the neon colour palette!

It made me think back to my study of the postmodern trends that are looking to influence fashion for my final 2nd year project at Uni. One of them revolved around neon colours, paint splatters, sharp lines, shapes and strobe lights - inspired by the past work of designers such as Alexander McQueen and Dolce and Gabbana, as well as films such as Bladerunner.

This trend can be seen especially through the performance of their final song (their new single 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall') - check out the laser beam lighting, use of colour and pulsating pyramid, in particular!

(Note: please now watch the video here due to a broadcasting copyright issue.)

I want to know the names of the people who are marketing Coldplay at the moment - they are so on it!

23 June 2011

Menswear Trends for S/S 11

My primary focus tends to be womenswear when I discuss fashion trends in my posts. But, seen as though I will be focusing on menswear during my Tesco placement, I thought it was about time I researched what was ‘in’ for the opposite sex this S/S 11 season!

The top ten trends appear to be:

1. Neon

Jil Sander, DSquared, Giorgio Armani

2. Alterna-Tux

Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Acne

3. Splatter

Dries Van Noten, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo

4. White

Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Ann Demeulemeester

5. Print

Lanvin, Comme Des Garcons, Etro

6. Wide and Long

Paul Smith, Viktor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent

7. Military Shirt

Gucci, Burberry, Pringle of Scotland

8. Stripes

Balenciaga, Junya Watanabe, John Galliano

9. Cargo Pants

Alexander McQueen, Alexis Mabille, Missoni

10. The Jute Shoe

Prada, Gucci, Hermes

Interesting stuff!

(Note: I would like to credit Style.com for the information and images in this post.)

22 June 2011

New Girl Crush: Taylor Momsen

My new girl crush is Taylor Momsen after seeing her band at Download. It was definitely brewing after I mentioned her in my previous post about Download - and now it's official!

At Download she wore a black sleeveless rock tee with nothing underneath but two crosses of boob tape (yes, really) then black skinnies, fierce looking boots and her hair in pigtail plaits.

She looked good! But I like her laid-back, couldn't-give-a-damn attitude more than anything. She has the cool factor because she hits one of the four key signifiers of cool (I know this terminology thanks to Pountain & Robins - whom I discovered to be the masters of cool from doing my Design and Visual Culture module at Uni) and thats DETACHMENT.

This image, taken just before she went on stage, epitomises that:

The cig, the sunglasses, the pose - too cool for school!

On a separate note, I really enjoyed watching her perform with The Pretty Reckless. Check out this video, a short snippet of 'Make Me Wanna Die':


Her band has talent! As do the other ones I saw during my time at Download - Bowling For Soup, Buckcherry, Disturbed, Bullet for my Valentine and Linkin Park - thank you for a great day! If it wasn't for the music I wouldn't have been able to get through it!

Download Grunge

Sometimes, when it comes to what you wear, you have to be practical rather than fashionable. I was reminded of this lesson during my day at Download festival on Sunday 12th June.

Basically... It rained all day long. And not just the straightforward drizzly rain, but the kind of rain that goes in a sideways direction, blows in the wind and just gets you soaked all over regardless of whether you have an umbrella or not.

My fashion plans for Download? S/S 11 Western Girl Chic (mentioned in a previous post) consisting of a textured white top and high waisted denim hotpants with a skinny tan vintage-style belt, a tan fringed leather handbag and wellies (because wellies are a festival staple... FACT).

Well, that all went up in flames due to the weather. I looked outside in the morning and saw only dark clouds (but at that point it wasn't even raining!) Still, I had to put tights with my hotpants which ruined the summer essence of the outfit, change my bag as I was worried it would get ruined if it rained and add a standard black cardigan.

Then we arrived in Donington Park and the heavens opened. I got soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes and had to purchase a cheap black hoodie, in order to keep myself warm, and the sexiest looking poncho you've ever seen, in order to keep myself dry!

So, instead of looking as good as Kate Moss manages to with her festival fashion year upon year:

I looked like this:

GRUNGE-TASTIC! But hey, at least I managed to stay smiling (until the sixth hour of rain):

More to follow...
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