21 September 2011

Tales from Tesco

It hit me today, when updating my CV, how much I have actually learned by having the four week's work experience at Tesco F&F Head Offices.

It was amazing to have the opportunity to work alongside the Menswear ‘Outerwear and Shirts’ Buying and Merchandising department, and oversee typical tasks for an own-label merchandise buyer.

What I did, in brief:

• Was present in weekly trade, supplier, buyer, designer, critical path and fits meetings.
• Conducted a weekly comparative shop of competitors and consumer research.
• Undertook day-to-day office tasks such as filing, arranging the sample cupboard and pulling product.
• Developed my understanding of the buyer role and knowledge of product in the fashion industry.

I definitely developed as a person during my time at Tesco. I felt so grown up doing full-time work! And I felt important, like I was making a difference.

Me with my Tesco work experience swipe pass:

My highlight had to be when the Head Buyer, Ros - a lovely, inspirational working Mum - took all the buyers (and me) to a glamourous pub in Old Welwyn for a breakfast meeting. I had the most delicious scrambled egg and smoked salmon on a bagel - for free! Ha.

Being a student means that I appreciate freebies so much! I even got a few pieces of F&F clothing before they hit sample sales. Lucky me!

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