7 October 2012

Graduation Glamour

Yes, all the hard work (the blood, sweat and tears) was worth it in the end!

I got to graduate from Uni with a 2:1! And it was a great day.

However, I REALLY struggled with finding the right dress beforehand. The letter said 'formal wear' was a must, so I instantly thought a classic LBD would do the trick.

I went everywhere looking for the perfect one, on numerous occasions. Then I FINALLY found the beauty that I had been waiting for...

...And it was from Wallis, surprisingly, in Debenhams! I had never bought a dress from there before but, you know what they say, there's a first for everything. This modern take on the 1960's shift dress, with a midi skirt length and ruching on the body, was a huge hit on the day.

It just proves that sometimes you should try breaking out of your shopping comfort zone and you might find that it all works out.



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