21 December 2013

Naughty December Haul

Does anyone else have this problem?

Somehow I can't help but splurge on fashion near Christmas, even though I should probably wait and see what Santa brings me!

I admit that there have been a few instances this December, where I have gone shopping with the intention of purchasing gifts for my friends and family, but instead have come back with treats for myself! Oops!

When I see something that I instantly fall in love with, I can't seem to resist it. It has to be mine.

Here are some examples:

Floral Dress - H&M - £24.99

Black Fluffy Jumper - Topshop - £28.00

Floral Kimono - eBay Store - £14.99

Also included are some little goodies that I have recently acquired from Fossil!

Geometric Print Cami - Fossil (*)

Green Floral Dress - Fossil (*)

Metallic Shopper - Fossil

Rose Gold Watch - Fossil

Tokidoki Timepiece - Karl Lagerfeld (*)

(Read my original blog post about Karl Lagerfeld's Tokidoki timepiece here.)

Silver Band Ring - Emporio Armani
Silver Belt Buckle Ring - Michael Kors (*)
Gold Sparkle Ring -DKNY (*)

Merry Christmas to me!

(What's your favourite piece from this haul? Do you sometimes splurge in December? Thanks for stopping by! Katie-xo)

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15 December 2013

Leopard Print and the Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki

Good morning, all!

I have some exciting news - I've finally invested in a professional DSLR camera to use for my blogging!

I got my Canon EOS 400D from eBay (of course) for a bargain price, so I'm pretty chuffed. This is my first OOTD post shot with the DSLR. I'm a total beginner when it comes to modelling, so please be kind!

This OOTD revolves around the Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki necklace. Last week I was gifted this wacky pendant by the lovely Helen from Fossil.

Available in Karl Lagerfeld retail locations since August, it is a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, Tokidoki, known for its statement aesthetic and cute characters. The initial aim was to deliver high fashion jewellery, with a watch function, to create an innovative, digital timepiece.

The character of the necklace is, undoubtedly, Karl himself - with his trademark dark sunglasses and white ponytail. When you push the buttons either side of his glasses, the time displays digitally on the front. It's really quite clever!

As the pendant is rather eye-popping, I thought I would (try to) tone down the rest of my outfit with simple cuts and colours. Then I remembered my new leopard print, faux fur coat!

Denim Shirt - ASOS
Leather Skirt - Topshop
Black Glittery Tights - M&S
Cut Out Boots - eBay
Leopard Print Coat - eBay (originally from NEXT)

Also from eBay, this coat is perfect for keeping toasty during the cold winter months. Just pair with a neutral, woolly scarf for comfy, cosy chic.

Warm, fashionable, with a quirky pendant able to tell the time? Thanks, leopard print and the Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki.

 (Do you like the Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki necklace? And my new leopard print coat? Thanks for stopping by! Katie-xo)

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7 December 2013

1920's Glamour

Hello, everyone!

I'm so sorry that I didn't post last week. I've been incredibly busy with my new job and often, after a long, challenging day, I don't have enough brain power to then bash out a blog post! The bloggers that manage to post once a day, never mind once a week like I do, amaze me! You guys deserve a medal.

Anyway, this week's post revolves around the theme of Fossil's Christmas party this year - the 1920's. I'm absolutely in love with 1920's fashion, especially the era just before Coco Chanel revolutionised the wear women wore clothes. This was the era that had variety in the form of long, highly embellished dresses and then - at the other end of the spectrum - short, flapper-style dresses with an abundance of tassels!

I'm a big fan of Downton Abbey and the style of the characters, particularly Mary and Rose.


Therefore I decided to go for a look that was more Downton Abbey glamour goddess, as opposed to cheeky, party-girl flapper. This consisted of a long, flowing evening dress, of a bottle green hue, with a stunning, swirly, silver embellishment design. I teamed it with strappy, silver heels, a sparkly headband and pearls to create a look that communicated luxury and adornment.

I received lots of compliments when it came to my dress - it was actually £18 (including postage and packaging) from eBay! eBay always wins.

1920's-Style Dress - eBay
Silver, Strappy Heels - New Look @ ASOS
Silver Clutch Bag - Debut @ Debenhams
Silver Headband - Topshop
Pearl Jewellery - Primark

I then made my hair and make-up glamorous so that they weren't upstaged by my outfit.

I wanted to attempt finger curls for my hair do, but there just wasn't enough time! Instead I used my Vidal Sassoon heated wavers to put a modern twist on the effect of finger curls.

For my make-up, I accentuated my eyes with silver eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner and a pair of fake eyelashes! You can't beat a good pair of lashes. I buy the Eyelure ones from Boots because they stay on all night and I can re-use them! I also used a classic red lipstick for a hint of retro allure.

Everyone from work put such a huge amount of effort into their outfits for the Christmas party and we all had such a good time!

It was held at the Woburn Safari Park Lodge and consisted of a three-course sit down meal, with a murder mystery performed by actors, followed by a disco.

I really enjoyed dressing up - I'd wear that dress everyday if I could! But I suppose it wouldn't be practical, hence why Coco Chanel came along and was so successful with her tailored trousers!

(Do you like my outfit? Have you dressed up 20's-style before? Thanks for reading! Until next time... Katie-xo)

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16 November 2013

Watch Station International SS14 Press Day

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to Watch Station International's press day, for SS14, which was held in London's Covent Garden.

Watch Station International is Fossil's new venture. It has its own stores and concessions, as well as a fully transactional website (click here). Watch Station allows Fossil to showcase their portfolio of watch brands in an upmarket, boutique environment, in order to best represent the luxury nature of the products.

Watch Station's watch portfolio consists of Fossil's own brands, Fossil, Michele, Skagen and Zodiac, as well as Adidas, Armani Exchange, Diesel, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

The press day venue was modern with a premium feel, but the event itself was quite stripped back. The focus was on the product, on one long table in the middle of the room. Then there were special hero pieces in glass cases on the edge of the room, underneath a projection of a series of luxury fashion shows.

Each brand had their own display of watches:

My favourite range was Marc by Marc Jacobs; I could easily have picked any of these pieces of arm candy for my wrist!

But my favourite watch is this beauty by Michael Kors:

Gold with a pool-blue face, this just screams elegance and style!

I also had my beady eye on this rose gold icon of sophistication:

Maybe now that I work at Fossil, I can get my hands on one of these!

After the event, I went to visit Fossil's new flagship store on Oxford Street. It is amazing. If you live in London, or just visiting, get yourself down there!

(Apologies for the poor quality photographs featured in this post, I only had my iPhone on me on the day!)

The architecture of the store is really innovative; it's quite wooden and rustic, but contemporary. Leather goods are displayed at the front, with a separate room for jewellery and watches in the back. The jewellery and watches are displayed in glass cases, with Fossil's world-wide famous watch tins decorating the back wall around a large digital screen.

It's super impressive!

All in all, I had a really good day in London. Bring on the next event!

(Have you heard of Watch Station International? Which is your favourite watch from my post? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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10 November 2013

Plum Florals

Good afternoon, my lovelies!

How are you all on this sunny, crisp Autumnal day?

Today I want to show you how you can transition florals from Spring/Summer to the Autumn/Winter season.

As you're probably now well aware, juicy berry shades have filtered their way down onto the high street after initially being seen on designer catwalks such as Burberry. They also bring with them a new addition to the colour palette in the form of prominent plum shades.

I decided to give my floral shirt, which I've had since S/S 12, an A/W 13 update by teaming it with plum leggings from this season's gorgeous colour palette.

I also wanted to toughen up the florals and add a bit of gothic glamour, which is another huge trend for A/W 13. I used black to create this effect in the form of cut-out boots, a snakeskin-textured satchel and a warm, woolly pea coat.

However, to avoid my colour palette being too dark, I threw on a snugly cream scarf and pearly white jewellery, which plays on the glamourous element of my outfit.

Finally, I added a touch more berry to my look through my new specs and dark lipstick. Tres chic!

Floral Shirt - Topshop
Plum Leggings - Topshop
Black Cut-Out Boots - Ebay
Black Pea Coat - ZARA
Snakeskin Satchel - New Look
Cream Scarf - Vintage
Pearl Jewellery - Primark
Berry Specs - Specsavers

(What do you think, do you like my outfit? How have you transitioned florals from S/S? Thanks for stopping by! Katie-xo)

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25 October 2013

Girly Tartan

If there's one fabric to invest in this season, it's tartan. Tartan is one of the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 13, initially seen on designer catwalks such as Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino.

It has since been splashed all over the high street and blogosphere.

At first, the idea of tartan seems quite ambitious. Tartan, when overdone, can look cheap and horrifying. However, by sticking to one key piece and building an outfit around it - or using it to accessorise - you can keep tartan looking more minimalistic yet striking.

Is red not your hue? You can buy tartan in different colour ways, as well as in the traditional red. There's some divine forest green and violet purple shades that have been worked into the original pattern, currently available at Topshop, Primark and H&M.

A lot of people assume that tartan must be used for casual occasions. Today I want to show you how you can make tartan feel more girly and dressy, for a smarter occasion.

I took one key piece, a long sleeved cropped top, and muted it with a denim pinafore dress and black opaque tights. I then added black Chelsea boots, as it was raining outside, and upped the glamour with statement jewellery and a sophisticated snakeskin satchel.

Tartan Cropped Top - Primark
Denim Pinafore Dress - H&M
Black Opaque Tights - M&S
Black Chelsea Boots - ASOS
Horse Necklace - Topshop
Snakeskin Satchel - New Look

In terms of beauty, I kept my make-up simple for a fresh-faced look using minimal foundation and concealer. I then winged my eyeliner and added some red lipstick to give the aura of classic femininity.

I hope you're loving tartan as much as I am!

(What do you think to my outfit? How would you dress up tartan? Please leave me a comment! Katie-xo)

21 October 2013

A/W 13 Beauty Trends

As you've probably already read in my Autumn/Winter 2013 trend report, fashion has become more serious since Spring/Summer, which means that the look of beauty has changed as a result.

However, there's still enough variety and originality to play with!

Here are the top ten beauty trends to look out for this season:

1. Metallics

Fashion has gone all sci-fi and what better way to compliment this than with a metallic lip or eye, as seen on catwalks such as Dior.

2.  Gothic Beauty

Designers are taking the Halloween aspect of A/W literally this season, with ‘gothic beauty’ having a significant presence on catwalks such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. A pale complexion, smudged black eyeliner and dark brows are all that you need to channel this!

3. Low Ponytail

Hair must look slick this season! Taking inspiration from Moschino, pull your barnet into a sophisticated low ponytail and then curl the ends for a look that screams A/W chic.

4.  Sparkle

A/W means that Christmas will be upon us before we know it. Sparkle and dazzle your way through all of your Christmas parties by applying glitter to your eyeshadow. You can swipe it over the full lid, or even just glitter the corners a la House of Holland. Dare to shine!

5.  Hair Braids

Hair braids always look so pretty. This season they’re supposed to be neat and elegant, falling effortlessly down your back, as showcased by Matthew Williamson.

6.  Natural Beauty

Hurrah! Finally it’s on trend to wear hardly any make-up! The natural look was huge on A/W 13 catwalks. 

7.  Dark Lips

As part of the ‘gothic beauty’ look, dark lips are making a comeback. So dig out that plum lipstick that you bought last year but pushed to the back of your drawer, and slap it on bold and strong. Vera Wang taught us that this is the only way to use it this season to make the ultimate style statement.

8. Sixties Liquid Eyeliner

Now, where have we seen this before? Oh yes, only last season! Liquid eyeliner, sixties style, is sticking around for A/W. Whether you want to wing it, or dot it underneath, don’t be shy! Get the sixties fever.

9. Ice Princess

Cara Delevingne at Chanel showed us how to rock the ‘ice princess’ look this A/W. Use a shimmery white/silver eyeshadow with understated rosy pink cheeks and a pastel pink lip to get the look(*).

(*) Sorry, eyebrows not included.

10. Poker Straight Hair

We previously kissed goodbye to our straighteners to embrace messy waves for S/S 13. However, it’s time to get them back out! Poker straight hair is back, seen at DKNY, and should be tucked behind the ears to create a ladylike look that even Kate Middleton would be proud of!

Have fun experimenting with these trends, you beauties!

(Which A/W beauty trend will you be rocking? Have you spotted any more yet? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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