3 January 2013

Ombre Hair

Happy New Year to you all!

A big hair trend throughout 2012 was a colour style that became known as 'dip-dye'. This is where the hair, usually mid-length to long, is one colour at the roots and then, mid-way down, looks like it has been dipped in a colour pot revealing a different colour from the middle to the ends.

It was very popular, with a number of celebrities showcasing the trend - such as Glee actress Lea Michelle, singer Jessie-J and TV presenter Caroline Flack:

As we enter 2013, the new hair colour trend is going to be an adaptation of 'dip-dye' called 'ombre hair'; this is similar to 'dip-dye' but involves more of a gradient from one colour to the other. The colour is more blended, as a result.

I really love the brown to blonde gradient, in the style of American actress Jamie Chung:

O.C actress Rachel Bilson:

And Victoria Secret's model Lily Aldridge:

Therefore I have made the first step in attempt to go ombre like these celebrities.

Last Saturday I went to my hairdressers, Toni and Guy Wakefield, where I had a three-hour appointment to strip my ends, touch up my roots and then tint the ends to get them as light as possible. I told my hairdresser that I wanted blonde on the ends to get the gradient look; however, she explained that bleach blonde cannot be applied to hair until at least six weeks after it has been stripped, in fear of hair snapping off! So I'm going to have to go back in six weeks, in order to complete the look.

For now, my hair looks more dip-dye (brown then auburn) than ombre - as you can see below:

But watch this space! Ombre hair, here I come!


  1. Your so right our posts are very similar, great inspiration! I think I'm a little in love with Rachel Bilson!!! Thanks for you lovely comment babe, x

  2. I'd love to try ombre hair, but I've no idea if it'd suit me. I suppose there's only one way to find out! xx

  3. Kylie - great minds and all that ;) yeah I loved her on The O.C! I'll be visiting your blog again very soon! Xo

    Claire - yeah, go for it! Then post about it and link me! Xo


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