3 January 2013

Seeing off 2012 in Style

I saw a lot of other bloggers' posts about NYE outfits, therefore it's only right that I add my own!

NYE is my Dad's birthday, and this year we decided to mimic last year's celebrations and go for a meal and drinks in Leeds.

The inspiration for my NYE outfit came from my sale buys earlier in the week. I only had time to go to my favourite store (Topshop) but I definitely walked out with a few bargains:

Camo jacket - Was £65, now £35
Khaki dress - Was £26, now £12
Leopard print boots - Were £40, now £20
Spike necklace - Was £16, now £8

I then added my cross belt and floral-patterned tights to translate the dress, boots and necklace into a NYE outfit that was military-grunge inspired...

...Which went perfectly with my new ombre hair!

It was a wonderful night filled with tasty treats at San Carlos, Cosmopolitan cocktails (Sex and the City style) and festive cheer...

...And a fabulous way to see in the New Year! 

I hope 2013 is amazing for you all! What did you wear on NYE? Leave me a comment below! Katie-xo

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