1 February 2013

Motel Rocks!

There’s a brand that’s gaining more and more recognition lately, amongst bloggers and streetstylers, as the one to watch for edgy, trend-driven pieces.

Motel has been around since 1999, after an American road trip inspired the designers to bring back timeless pieces from vintage and second hand stores dotted up and down the California Coast, and make them accessible to British women. The brand has since progressed with the vision to ‘deliver garments that adhere to the nuances of the female form while keeping up with the mainstream trends’.
When I think of Motel, I think of bold, statement looks through prints and figure-hugging dresses. This means that Motel must be applauded for its ability to stand out in the mind of their consumer, and craft an image that is cool and reputable.
This image has been crafted carefully over the years, through a series of marketing techniques, which I believe are now starting to pay off.
Motel is so ON IT with social media, which is exactly what brands need to do when they’re trying to target the younger, technologically-savvy generation born in the Digital Age. They post regularly on each of their social media channels as well as their blog, with their confident and sassy personality, to keep up communication with their consumers. 

This is then a given invitation for consumers to interact with them and establish a more personal connection, therefore enhancing their loyalty to the brand.

Motel also introduce regular competitions to reward consumers for their loyalty, which is very effective for creating WOM and digital conversation online.

Furthermore, Motel has recently introduced the ‘Motel Street Team’ which is a clever way of getting fashion bloggers to spread the word of the brand, and of their products. Bloggers sign up, and are approved, before given a unique discount code that people can use at the checkout to get 20% off Motel. Bloggers will then receive commission on the order.

I recently became a member of the street team because I am growing to love Motel and their gorgeous, affordable pieces for our age group – and I am happy to share that love with fellow bloggers!
These items are currently on my wishlist:

POW! Long Sleeved Top - £30
Red Off Shoulder Skater Dress - £38
Sleeveless Playsuit in Vertical Square Print - £35
Turtleneck Crop in Square Eyes Print - £22
Sequin Plunge Back Dress in Iridescent Green - £58
Long Sleeved Off Shoulder Dress in Midnight Blue - £32

The ‘POW!’ long sleeved top is extremely cute, and I love the mono prints on the playsuit and turtleneck crop (SO on trend for S/S 13). The dresses are lush for nights out, too!

The purpose of this post was to express my appreciation of the brand, what it’s doing in terms of marketing and its product offering. All that's left to say is - keep up the good work, Motel!

You can visit Motel’s website here www.motelrocks.com and receive 20% off on your order through using my code ‘ispytrends’.

Do you shop at Motel? What’s your favourite piece from my wishlist? Katie-xo



  1. I used to work for Motel and they really are a great brand with loads of great items! I'm in the street team now too :)


    1. Oh, awesome! What job did you have? I'd love to work for them but I'll settle with being a street teamer for now :) xo

  2. Hey lovely thanks for leaving the link to your blog - I love it! We have similar fashion taste :) I adore the Pow top and the monochrome playsuit! xxx


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