20 February 2013

Under the Spotlight: The Rework

Good morning, lovely readers!

I don't know about you, but I just love discovering new fashion brands and products - especially if they're unique and edgy.

Step forward, The Rework.

I only stumbled upon this brand a couple of weeks ago, but I have fallen head over heels in love with it!

The Rework is a local fashion retailer run by fellow Wakefieldian Michelle Jones, who invests in vintage pieces and - as the name suggests - reworks them to make them current!

I caught up with Shel (modelling the clothes in the first two photos above) to find out more!

Me: Can you describe what The Rework is and how it began? 

Shel: The Rework is a brand which, I feel, brings individuality and affordability to the fashion world! I think that, in comparison to the high street shops, we offer unique, individual items at reasonable prices for the quirkier individual. The Rework first started out on eBay, where I would buy and sell vintage items which are customised or 'Reworked' - and that's where the name came from!

Me: Where is The Rework based? 

Shel: The Rework is based in Wakefield. We don't have a physical store, we mostly sell online, but we have a stockist in Leeds - Audere Couture. They stock primarily menswear for us.

Me: How long has The Rework been in business?  

Shel: We started out in the summer of 2012.

Me: Who is The Rework customer? 

Shel: We have a wide range of customers, aged from 10 - 40! Our more adventurous items appeal to the younger and braver - but who doesn't love a pocket tee!

Me: What is your professional background, as the founder of the brand?

Shel: I don't have any background in fashion, other than being a girl who loves to shop! I am actually a qualified Accountant!

Me: What are The Rework's hero pieces, or best sellers?

Shel: The top sellers are the beanies and the acid wash logo tees.

Me: How would you want your customers to describe the brand?

Shel: Unique, Quirky and easy to wear.

Me: Also, what's next for The Rework?

Shel: We are in the process of getting some amazing new logo tees printed and, for the summer, we will have a lot of bright colours - along with some more weird and wonderful fabrics for the patches and pockets!

Me: Finally, what tips would you give to any young business entrepreneur starting out in the fashion industry?

Shel: Stay true to your own style and don't let other people get in your way!

Inspirational words there - thanks, Shel!

When first I discovered the brand, I couldn't help but buy into it. The pieces are great - particularly for street stylers! I recently purchased one of the dip-dyed tees and was then sent this amazing gold cross ring, as a gift:

Look out for these pieces popping up in a future blog post! I would like to wish Shel all the best, and believe me when I say that The Rework is going to go far! Take a look at their products, for yourself, on their website (which can be found here).

(Note: the information and images in this post are courtesy of Michelle Jones and The Rework.)


  1. Ooh I'll definitely be having a look at this website, I love these photos x

    1. Go for it, Beth! It's definitely worth it :) xo


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