14 March 2013

Grungy Pastels

Good morning, lovely readers! I hope that you are well.

After recently experimenting with 90's neon (find the related blog post here), I've decided to go in the opposite direction and have a play with pastels today.

Pastels are another key trend of Spring/Summer 2013; seen on catwalks such as Erdem, Calvin Klein and Mulberry (taken from my trend report).

I've always preferred pastels to neon, as they are weaker in hue and therefore easier to pull off. Neon requires a certain amount of bravery and, if it goes wrong, it can be disastrous; whereas, with pastels, it can never go wrong. It is a colour palette that suits all skin tones and whether you choose a key pastel piece and build your outfit around it, or dress in head-to-toe pastels, it always looks pretty.

Today I have decided to put my own unique twist on the pastels trend and grunge it up to relate to my personal style.


After recently discovering The Rework (read my interview with them here), I decided to build my outfit around the galaxy print tee that I bought from them a couple of weeks ago:

I am absolutely in love with galaxy prints at the moment, so to grunge it up - and co-ordinate with the grey pastel hue that can be seen in the tee - I purchased a pair of grey skinnies from Red Herring using my Debenhams discount.

I then added my blue Converse trainers and black bobble hat to add a super casual, laid-back feel to the outfit (I was only popping out to meet a friend for a couple of hours, after all).

The final touch was my Aztec-print jacket with fur collar, which has elements of all the shades in the colour palette in this outfit, to pull the look together.

Finally I added some glamour - through my glittery pink nails - as well as a tad more grunge, through my cross ring also by The Rework, and cross earrings.

Pastel Grunge-tastic!

Black Bobble Hat - NEXT
Galaxy Print Tee - The Rework
Grey Skinny Jeans - Red Herring at Debenhams
Trainers - Converse
Aztec-Print Jacket - River Island


I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you don't need make-up to be beautiful. I prefer the natural look, which I've gone for again today.

The only thing I can't leave the house without on a daily basis is my Estee Lauder concealer, because it's actually magic.

To work with the grungy pastel look, I've gone for an electric blue eyeliner on my lower lids to highlight my eyes and pick up the blue hue in my outfit. I then used a slick of MAC baby pink lipstick to co-ordinate with the pastel pink in the galaxy print tee.

And there you have it - pastels made grungy to tie in with my personal style. I really hope that I inspire some of you to put more of an individual twist on your outfits, as I've seen quite a lot of the same sort of thing on blogs lately. Remember, individuality and originality is so important in the fashion world - don't be afraid to stand out!

(What do you think to my outfit? Do you prefer pastels to neon?

In other news, I have been nominated for Company magazine's Style Blogger Awards - squeal! Please vote for me here.


8 March 2013

Get the Look: Made in Chelsea (the Male Version)

I recently wrote an article for IDEAL magazine for females on how to get the Made in Chelsea look - with a particular focus on Millie Mackintosh, Rosie Fortescue and Louise Thompson (read it here).

After publicising this article, there was demand for a male version. It’s a well-known fact that I like to make people happy, therefore I give you how to get the look: Made in Chelsea MALE STYLE! J

If you’re a fan of Made in Chelsea (currently filming its fifth series), then you’ll be aware that the male casting currently surrounds the ‘Three Lost Boys’ – Jamie Laing, Francis Boulle and Oliver Proudlock.

Let’s take a look at each of them individually and their fashion behaviour.

Jamie Laing

Jamie successfully launched Candy Kittens, a sweet shop business which has as much focus on the genetically-fortunate females selling them as the actual sweet products, in 2012. His style is quite simplistic, and boyish – much like the man himself.

1. Double your denim.

Jamie practically lives in jeans – skinnies, slim cut, black, light denim, dark denim, straight leg, grey – you name it! He has a pair. Not only will he wear jeans, but he’ll also go all nineties-style on us and pair it with a denim jacket or shirt (as seen in the photo). Double denim is usually a fashion crime, but Jamie manages to pull it off by contrasting the colour and style of the denim – and you (or your boyfriend) can too!

2. Wear coats with big collars.

Jamie is nearly always photographed wearing a coat – but not just any coat – a coat with a huge collar, which he stands up to create that laid-back, just-thrown-on look. Very stylish!

3. Keep it classic with plain tees and layers.

Sometimes Jamie has a lazy day and just puts on a tee with his jeans. This is allowed in fashion, as long as the quality of the t-shirt is high and you pair it with a cute, boyish grin a la Jamie.

Francis Boulle

Francis is a business entrepreneur, who initially followed in his family’s footsteps and pursued the diamond mining business at University before dropping out to work on his own projects. He has since launched Fundmine.com - the intelligent angel investment community - which he describes as ‘an online Dragon's Den with more sophisticated investors’ for young entrepreneurs requiring financial backing for their projects.

Francis is the definition of geek chic; he plays on this by wearing a combination of unusual prints and sharp cut business suits, teamed with some fabulous circular spectacles, to perfect the look.

1. Don’t be afraid of a quirky print.

The Aztec print of the jacket pictured here is just the tip of the iceberg. Francis’ print choices vary from subtle to downright absurd. However, he manages to pull them off by making the rest of his outfit as simplistic as possible.

2. Embrace geek chic.

Francis sure knows how to pull off a smart suit jacket – no matter what the occasion. He dresses them up for business meetings, with suit trousers and a clean, tailored shirt, but also knows how to dress them down for smart casual occasions. Here he can be seen teaming his suit jacket with a smart shirt - unbuttoned at the collar for casual cool - jeans and stubble. Sexy!

3. Wear pink.

I really wanted to find a photo of this amazing pair of salmon pink chinos that Francis once wore on Made in Chelsea – but I couldn’t! The bottom line is – Francis likes to wear pink, and I applaud him for that! Males tend to shy away from the colour because they think ‘it looks too girly’, but you don’t see us shying away from wearing blue because ‘it looks too manly’. Come on males, step up. If Francis can do it, you can too!

Oliver Proudlock

Proudlock is, undeniably, the most fashionable out of the three. He does have his own clothing label, after all! Serge de Nimes has been established since 2011 and sells original, urban clothing for men and women – and Proudlock just epitomises that.

1. Urban it up.

Proudlock is a great representative of British male streetstyle. He keeps it young and fresh by pairing logo tees with printed bomber jackets and a beanie – and man, does he look good!

2. Colour co-ordinate.

Proudlock knows how to colour co-ordinate his outfits, which is a sign of someone who really knows how to dress. In this photo he co-ordinates his red jumper with his red boots, which pop against the other dark-coloured separates that make up the outfit - a job well done!

3. Look outdoorsy.

Sometimes countryside influences creep into Proudlock’s outfits; for example, he is almost always snapped wearing Doc. Marten-style boots. The mustard puffa jacket that Proudlock is rocking in this photo, teamed with a cable-knit jumper and jeans, makes him look like he’s about to go fishing! However, the fact that he accessorises this outfit with a long silver chain necklace and quirky print glasses, makes this male the average female’s ultimate style dream when it comes to boyfriend dressing.

Now what I want to know is: who is your favourite MIC boy when it comes to style? Hope that you’ve enjoyed this post! Katie-xo

4 March 2013

90's Neon

Happy Monday, everybody!

Last weekend brought us sunshine and slightly warmer weather up North, therefore I decided to wear something a little more S/S and a little less A/W.

Fashion confession: I've never worn neon before. The idea of it has always scared me, because it's a well known fact that sometimes even a tiny bit of neon can be overkill. It's a bold style statement, often only acceptable on credible celebrities - such as Marion Cotillard at this year's BAFTAs:

However, after seeing the trend emerge from the S/S '13 catwalks as part of 90's revival, I felt inspired. House of Holland fused neon with tie dye to create edgy, eclectic look, and Moschino used bright, lego colours alongside graphic prints and patterns adding a neon element to each outfit. 


I decided to be brave - and follow Moschino's lead - just using a neon hue in my outfit's detailing to start with, until I felt more confident with the trend.

My neon hue of choice? PINK.


I tried to capture the 90's essence of this trend by teaming a stripy cardigan with other pieces that represent the fashion of the era: a black crop top, denim - in the form of high-waisted shorts - and trainers, as sportswear was another key theme of the 90's seen on S/S '13 catwalks.

The neon pink hue can be seen in the stripe detailing of my cardigan, the body of my iPhone case, the flower bud of my earrings, the trimmings of my handbag and also forms the Lonsdale logo on my trainers.

Cardigan - Topshop
Crop Top - Topshop
Shorts - MOTO at Topshop
Tights - M&S
Trainers - Lonsdale London
Handbag - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams


To keep in with the fashion theme of the 90's, I thought I would channel 90's beauty as well - in the form of minimalism. My make-up is completely natural, apart from the black Benefit mascara on my eyes and a slick of baby pink Topshop lipstick.

Also, I've just had my hair re-coloured (still wanting to go blonder with the ends, but it's proving difficult) - which ties in with the ombre theme of the 90's.

I had fun creating this outfit; I am fond of anything to do with the 90's because it reminds me of my childhood! I'm glad that I experimented with neon and used it in my outfit's detailing as it's made me more confident with the trend. Next time I might try rocking a piece that's predominantly neon - who knows!

I'd recommend doing what I have done and sticking to one neon colour in your outfit's detailing if you're new to the trend, then you can always build on it as time goes on and you become more comfortable with the trend! Or you might decide that it's not for you at all, which is completely fine. Not every trend suits everyone.

Just have a play with it and be creative - and the rest should fall into place!

(UPDATE - This look has been featured on Look magazine's 'Street Style' section of their website, which can be found here. I'm so happy!

What do you think, do you like my 90's neon outfit? Would you personally wear this trend? Please leave me a comment as I appreciate your feedback! Katie-xo)
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