26 March 2013

Mad About the 90's

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an outfit-based post on 90's neon after the trend was spotted on certain Spring/Summer 2013 catwalks, such as Moschino and House of Holland.

Since I wrote this post, a fever has started to take hold. It started with neon, then it progressed to my search for a pair of distressed denim dungarees on eBay (see them here), then I discovered The Big Reunion TV show and now I'm looking to Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell as my fashion icon. Yes, lovely readers - I've gone a bit mad. 90's mad.

After all, who doesn't love the 90's? It was a decade that brought us excellent TV (in the form of SM:TV Live, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Fun House), as well as amazing music (Spice Girls, anyone?) and classic family films (like Home Alone and The Lion King).

I feel very nostalgic when it comes to anything 90's-related as I was born in 1990, therefore - for me - the 90's represent an incredible childhood full of special memories.

I started catching up on The Big Reunion yesterday and managed to watch six episodes in the space of a few hours; it's safe to say that I absolutely love it!

For those of you who don't know of it, The Big Reunion is an ITV2 show currently being aired. It shows the progressive journey of certain 90's bands who have decided to reunite and rehearse old songs and dance routines to be able to collaboratively put on one last big tour around the UK.

The first couple of episodes focussed on the back stories of the bands, which were - undeniably - fascinating! Certain members were on drugs, some got depressed, some spent too much time having fun with the opposite sex, some had alcohol problems, most of them had fallouts and one even got addicted to diet pills. It's compelling TV!

As each band was put into the spotlight, I couldn't help but laugh at their 90's fashion styles.

B*Witched were all about double denim:

Atomic Kitten loved crop tops and tight fitting trousers, along with pouting:

911 championed laid-back sportswear:

The Honeyz enjoyed mixing up textures and taking them to another level:

5ive loved long coats and dramatic hats:

Liberty X were all about the PVC:

And Blue liked manly vests, jeans and trainers:

Oh, 90's - I do admire your fashion efforts! Unfortunately, this era didn't always get it right. But it did sometimes...

As mentioned previously, I have started to look to Kelly Kapowski for fashion inspiration. Kelly Kapowski was one of the main characters in the hit TV school comedy Saved by the Bell.

I used to admire her, and her style, growing up. She was always on the money then, and still is now!

High waisted denim with cute printed crop top? Check.

Pretty pastel colour palette and floral trousers with plimsoles? Check.

High waisted neon paint slattered shorts? Check.

And oversized, boyfriend-style shirt? Check.

She was great, The Big Reunion is great and the 90's were great - and I think my fever is going to linger around for a very long time to come.

(What did you love about the 90's? Did you have a fashion icon as a child? Katie-xo)


  1. It's alright... Cause I'm saved by the bell!!

  2. Kelly Kapowski had the best dress sense and its so current right now.Its actually funny how all the vintage looks are coming back into fashion, its like we cant think of anymore haha .xx

    Lizzie @ www.lizzieworldx.blogspot.com

    1. Ha, yeah I know! We really do just recycle trends now! Thanks for your comment, Lizzie :) xo

  3. I love this post!
    Looking back at some of these pictures, the 90s had some horrendous trends haha!
    But I love everything Kelly Kapowski is wearing in those pictures :)
    Gotta love Saved by the bell! And Screech!

    1. Hell yeah, Dani! I love everything about the 90's. Definitely going to be posting more 90's-themed outfit posts so watch out for those :P xo

  4. I love your especially the last four photos. I'm glad these looks are reincarnated. Thanks btw for following me. I followed you back. Keep in touch. :D


    1. Aww thanks, Gian! I will indeed keep in touch, make sure you do too :D xo


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