19 April 2013

eBay Anonymous

Hi I'm Katie and I'm an eBay addict.

Since becoming a member, in late 2012, I can't seem to stop hunting for bargains on eBay no matter how hard I try. I search for vintage hidden treasures from top high street stores, like Topshop and Urban Outfitters, then when I find them I feel compelled to bid on them on the pretence that I'm getting something unique and different that hardly anyone else will have anymore. Then the feeling of ecstasy and triumph when I win the auction is a rush like no other - and I can't get enough! (Okay, YES, I have a serious problem. But the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.)

Is anyone else addicted to eBay like me? I suppose it's just getting it under control and not spending ALL of the money in my PayPal account - some is allowed, just not all. From now on I will strive to be better! :)

My favourite eBay item that I've bought lately? These black disco pants:

Black Disco Pants - £14.99 Plus £1.99 P+P

I've been wanting a pair for ages but always thought that the American Apparel version is ridiculously expensive at £74.00. I can't wait to wear these on my next night out!

I also won the auctions on these goodies:

Sleeveless Grunge Tee - Originally from Topshop - £5.50 Plus £2.00 P+P
Pastel Peach Jeans - Originally from Topshop - £3.00 Plus £2.50 P+P
Baseball Varsity Cropped Jacket - Originally from Topshop - £9.00 Plus £3.50 P+P

I love a bit of glamorous grunge, as my avid readers will know, so I thought this sleeveless tee would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe! I've also been wanting a pair of pastel jeans since I heard that pastels were going to be huge for S/S 2013. Furthermore, varsity jackets are a super cute nod to the sportswear trend at the moment; therefore these purchases have made me a very happy bunny!

I took it one step further this week and couldn't resist visiting the high street on my day off. Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself! (All month long?)

Primark bargains:

Michigan Oversized Tee - £6.00
China Print Peplum Vest Top - £7.00
POW Cropped Top - £4.00
White Turtleneck Cropped Top - £2.50
Coral Skater Skirt - £8.00
(Please note that these prices might not be 100% accurate as I have disposed of tags and receipts since the day of purchase.)

I'd actually seen a fellow fashion blogger purchase an oversized varsity-style tee, like the Michigan one, and I couldn't help myself! I love the American high school/college influences coming into British mainstream fashion at the moment and I will rock this casual oversized tee with leggings, pumps and my black-rimmed glasses in the Spring sunshine.

I also invested in my first ever peplum shaped top - I have been very apprehensive about buying into it as I automatically thought that it wouldn't suit my body type. However, I'm willing to finally give it a go. The fact that it was china print sealed the deal as I think it's unique and quirky - and I like having items like that in my wardrobe!

I then bought a couple of cropped tops to go with my disco pants in order to champion the 80's trend. The POW top, in particular, was a must-have - I love comic print clothing as much as much as my nerdy boyfriend loves comic books.

I have already featured my beautiful coral hue skirt in an outfit post, which you can see here to find out more about it.

H&M Tee:

Monochrome Striped Tee - £7.99

At £7.99, how could I not buy this beauty? The monochrome trend is one of my favourites for S/S 2013 and I can dress this tee up or down. Win, win!

Jewellery bits and bobs:

Gold Chain Necklace - eBay - £2.00
Leopard Print and Gold Hoops Set - Primark - £2.00

I'm definitely getting back into gold jewellery at the moment - it seems to make more of a statement than silver - which is what S/S 2013 fashion is all about. I adore the leopard print hoops, in particular!

But my favourite high street item that I've bought lately? These electric blue flatform wedges:

Electric Blue Flatform Wedges - New Look - £17.99

These shoes are so pretty when they're on that I want to cry! I have been looking for an electric blue shoe or heel to wear on nights out for months now - and I've finally found the perfect ones. Delighted is not even the word!

This photo shows everything that I have purchased recently:

What can I say? I love fashion a bit more than your average lady (okay, a LOT more)!

I just need to get my eBay addiction under control and then all will be well.

(Which item do you like the best out of what I've bought lately? Are you a lover of eBay, too? Katie-xo)


9 April 2013

Sex and the City Style

I've not been very well lately, after being struck down with a bad case of the flu, which has meant plenty of rest and hours on the sofa watching my Sex and the City DVD box set.

I bought the box set a few years ago and this is my third time going through it. I absolutely love it - it is so well written! The characters, and their story lines, are hilarious.

I saw both of the Sex and the City movies when they came out, but always preferred the TV show as the movies seemed to lack the spark that every single TV episode had.

The show had a good run (1998-2004 in the form of six series) but I think the earlier episodes are the best.

I enjoy watching it from the beginning, not only for the comedy value, but for the fashion! As the first couple of series were shot in the 90's, it's unbelievable how relevant the outfits are at the moment! I've been harping on about how the 90's are making a comeback for S/S 2013 for the past few months now, so it's intriguing to see Carrie Bradshaw on my TV screen wearing crop tops and bum bags when they first became fashionable!

I think every girl can relate to one of the four main protagonists (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha) not just character-wise, but fashion-wise.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah-Jessica Parker)

Carrie's style on the show was the epitome of the 90's/early 00's. She took key era staples, such as crop tops, and worked them from day to night with effortless ease. Her personal style was always very glamorous; even when she was running errands around the city, she was doing it in a stunning floral Summer dress. She particularly used accessories to her advantage, knowing when to team a dress with the perfect pair of Manolo Blahniks or finish an outfit off with a luxurious, metallic waist belt. 


Here Carrie shows us how to take the S/S 2013 Sports Luxe trend into a chic night time look:

We can definitely learn a lot from her!
Charlotte York (Kristin Davis)

Charlotte's style on the show was very feminine and prim and proper - often like her character. I'd describe it as 'classic, pretty chic'. Her tailored dresses, or tops and skirts, that she tends to wear are always fitted - highlighting her silhouette and womanly curves to perfection. Her colour of choice was often pink - sometimes using it as the main colour in the palette, or hints of it through accessories. As her style is classic, elegant and uncomplicated - she would mix up the textures and prints of her outfits to add another level of intrigue. She knows what suits her and tends to stick to it, which is fine as she always looks gorgeous!


Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon)

Miranda has to be the least fashionable out of the four. In the TV show, it always came across that Miranda didn't worry about fashion as she already had too many other things to worry about! She always chose comfort over style, wearing simplistic suit jackets with trousers or a skirt for work and championing sportswear on her days off. She tended to stick to a neutral colour palette of beige, black, navy and white - sometimes using an accent colour to mix it up - like a purple shirt.

I never particularly liked Miranda's outfits in the show - but she was given a more glamorous revamp for the movies, which was a lot better!

Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall)

Samantha had the most extravagant style (perhaps to go with her extravagant sex life?)! I always thought she dressed most accordingly to her personality - using bright colours and exaggerated shapes to express her bold confidence and individuality. She was also the most seductive in the way that she dressed, wearing short skirts or dresses or a top that showed her cleavage. For work she wore power-woman-style business suits with shoulder pads and emphasised tailoring, and for play she would wear fitted, slinky little numbers with a statement bag or belt. I always admired her style, but would never be able to pull it off like her!

I think I'm most like Charlotte - character-wise - I'm sensible and know what I like! But I'm definitely more like Carrie - fashion-wise. I dress according to the latest trends and like to be playful! I also like to add a hint of glamour to my outfits, and accessorise, like she does.

I'm really enjoying watching the show, and it makes me look forward to watching even more of Girls (an American TV comedy-drama that has been compared to Sex and the City as it is also set in New York with four female protagonists) when it comes over to the UK!

(Did you watch Sex and the City? Which protagonist are you most like character-wise and fashion-wise? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)


2 April 2013

Easter Geek Chic

Happy belated Easter, everyone!

I hope that the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate and treats :) like it did for me!


Unfortunately I had to work over the Easter weekend, but I managed to nip home for Saturday and Sunday to spend some time with the family. It was lovely; however, my parents are in the process of moving house so there's boxes everywhere! I had the task of going through some of my old stuff that had been put in the attic, and found some absolute gems in the form of 90's memorabilia!

My dear Furby:

Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls:

Yo-yos and Tamagotchi Gigapet:

I used to love these toys so much! 

Therefore, to continue with the 90's theme, I've decided to do another neon outfit post!

Following on from my previous post, regarding my 90's fever, it's still very much present. I originally posted about the 90's at the beginning of March, when I first decided to experiment with neon through my outfit's detailing. I was very cautious, as I'd never worn neon before! I was worried about being able to pull it off, as the trend tends to be a bit hit or miss.

However, I've slowly built up my confidence! I started small using neon pink in my outfit's detailing, and now I feel I can go for a full neon piece - in the form of my new yellow jumper from eBay (first written about for my Mini Milton Keynes Haul post).

This was the result:

I wanted to create a smart casual look centred around the jumper, so I decided to team a crisp, white shirt - buttoned all the way to the top - with high quality, skinny jeans. 

I then accessorised with a chunky, gold, beaded and sequin necklace, earrings and rings that originally belonged to my Grams.

I had to wear my glasses (because I'm seriously short-sighted and blind without them) so I thought I'd balance out the dark colour of my glasses, at the top of my outfit, with some black studded pumps at the bottom.

The final touch for braving the elements was my vintage black leather jacket with fur collar.

Neon Jumper - eBay
White Shirt - Topshop
Skinny Jeans - MOTO at Topshop
Studded Pumps - NEXT
Leather Jacket - Vintage

And that was my Easter Geek Chic look sorted!

(How was your Easter? Did you get a lot of eggs? Also, do you like my Easter Geek Chic look? Thanks for visiting! Katie-xo)
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