30 June 2013

Get the Look: Mary-Kate Olsen

I've always had a style crush on the Olsen twins. However, it is Mary-Kate’s fashion choices that are known to be daring and different, which automatically make her the most stylish Olsen twin (sorry, Ashley)! Her thrown-together, laid-back look – strongly influenced by the sixties bohemian chic - is lusted after by many (including me)!

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been in the limelight since they were babies, acting alongside each other in TV shows and films until they decided to pursue fashion and launch their own luxury label - The Row - in 2006. But it is, in fact, Mary-Kate that has been given more of a name in the fashion world due to often stepping out in controversial outfit choices. She has been on both ‘best-dressed’ and ‘worst-dressed’ celebrity lists in the media, but still continues to experiment and explore her love of fashion in spite of this, which has resulted in her managing to uphold the utmost respect in the industry.

Her style is grungy and edgy compared to Ashley’s, who tends to look more polished and refined - yet they both still always manage to look glamorous. I've worked out that there are certain steps that you can take to get her look, so without further ado:

1. Hunt down vintage prints.

There is high demand for vintage in the fashion world at the moment. Start channelling sixties bohemian chic by buying vintage pieces with dated prints, like the ones you can see Mary-Kate wearing here, to add a sense of history and heritage to your outfits.

2. Combine different textures.

Mary-Kate mixes fabric textures to create layers and add depth to her look. She does this through wearing leather trousers and boots underneath chunky knitwear – and then throwing a fur coat on top. Not only is this look stylish, but it is practical for cold weather too.

3. Invest in key sixties pieces.

There is no doubt that Mary-Kate is influenced by the sixties era when it comes to the way that she dresses. The retro bohemian look that she channels for every day, casual occasions can be seen through her use of denim, fringing, hats and oversized sunglasses – in addition to the vintage prints mentioned previously.

4. Add oversized, tailoring for comfy, smart casual looks.

For business meetings, Mary-Kate either wears fitted dresses, or a shirt with smart trousers, and heels. Then she will add an oversized, tailored piece through a knitted coat or blazer. Play with proportions and use volume, like she does, to add an element of comfort to a long working day.

5. Up the glamour for evening occasions.

Mary-Kate’s daytime outfits do tend to give off a ‘couldn’t-care-less’ vibe, although her night time outfits are the complete opposite. Efforts to dress up are always made, and Mary-Kate apparently can’t resist a good, old fashioned sparkly dress. Put your own twist on it, like Mary-Kate does through her retro stripe detailing and voluminous sleeves, to tie in with your personal style.

Basically all you have to do is follow these steps with wavy hair and a pout to ultimately get the Mary-Kate Olsen look. Also remember not to take yourself, or your style, too seriously. Mary-Kate can be quite playful with fashion; it might have led to some questionable fashion choices in the past, but it has also led to some truly inspiring ones, which will continue to influence a generation.

(What do you think of Mary-Kate's style? Did you watch the Olsen twins when you were young? Katie-xo)

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