31 August 2013

Fashion Cosmetics Uncovered

If you read my Fashion Cosmetics 'Rock Chick' Body Butter Review, you will already be aware that you need to try Fashion Cosmetics' products or you are missing out (big time)!

If you didn't read my review, read it now! Then read on for my exclusive interview with the founder and my esteemed colleague - Mr Paul Butler.

Paul built Fashion Cosmetics on his own; he works hard, he's determined and he's a true inspiration to other entrepreneurs out there looking to grow their businesses.

Let's see what he has to say for himself, shall we?

Me: First things first, can you tell me what Fashion Cosmetics is, in your own words?

Paul: Fashion Cosmetics is timeless natural cosmetics in a new contemporary way. It's about expressing yourself, a look, a moment in time that defines you. Match that with your cosmetics, love your skin and smell the way you feel. Fashion Cosmetics are vegan friendly, cruelty and nut free cosmetics with no SLS or Parabens made the natural way - with love and skill. Bathe and cover yourself in nature's finest ingredients and our perfume couture to eradiate your personality, your style and just you with fashion cosmetics. I believe every person should feel good about themselves, like themselves and be pampered with cosmetics which match your personality and style.

Me: When did you launch the company?

Paul: Fashion Cosmetics was launched throughout February, as a concept. That concept has now become a reality. I have been designing the cosmetic products since March 2009 and wanted to design products that were suitable for the most sensitive of skin. My products achieved certification throughout 2012 then I moved onto creating my vision for the packaging.

Me: Why did you start the company?                   Paul: I started the company as I have been inspired by how the UK has been transformed into one of the top culinary countries through Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey and Heston Blumenthal. I wanted a challenge to create cosmetics which had the same passion, skill and love of ingredients.

Me: What is your personal background?

Paul: My work background is computer science where I developed complex algorithms to retrieve data from databases at the fastest possible speeds. I was contracted to the Ministry Of Defence to develop the email system that they use to securely send sensitive information or military commands. I have always been a designer that breaks the rules, but I also am a naturally gifted cook.

Me: What makes you different from other beauty brands on the market at the moment?

Paul: I have taken cosmetic making back to basics, using skill instead of science to combine water and emollient oils in the most natural way. In some ways my products are old fashioned, but they do take a huge amount of skill to make. The packaging adds a contemporary twist to move away from the standard eco fair of Green and Brown. We want to invest in being the best and really being the choice of people in the entertainment industry rather than paying them. Our business is about teaching skill in cosmetic making, offering apprenticeship and valuing the people who work for us and our customers.

Me: How did you come up with the name for the brand?

Paul: I had many complex ideas about naming, but it really came back to basics; everything we design is about a memory, a moment in time or a look so it really is closely allied to fashion. I love stylish people and fashion as it is all about making the best out of what nature has given you. So it just came to me one day that it should be Fashion Cosmetics.

Me: Who is the typical Fashion Cosmetics consumer?

Paul: Mainly ladies at the moment who love style, perfume and are very conscious of what they put on their skin. I really do have a cross section from eco aware people to those who like kitsch styling. But I would say most of my consumers are very aware of how they dress and like to feel good.

Me: How would you describe your personal style?

Paul: I am scruffy chic! I love jeans with hand ripped holes, vans on my feet, vintage t-shirts, hats and probably would like to get some glasses with blank lenses as they kind of suit me. I am pretty conservative with my hair, but will never rule out a bright colour or something random in the future.

Me: What are your short and long term goals for Fashion Cosmetics?

Paul: My short term goal is to start building a business with people who care and are passionate. It's a lonely journey creating something different so I'm looking forward to working with more talented people. My long term goal is to completely change how the cosmetics industry relates to its customers, remove the smoke screens and make natural products available at an affordable price with that added twist of style.

Me: Finally, if you could have 3 wishes right now, what would they be?

Paul: The first one would be to start offering apprenticeships to talented and passionate people in the UK. Then see prosperity and positivity return to the UK for those who want to work and make a difference. And a personal one - adopt a cat who needs a loving home and hasn't had the best start in the world.

There's so much competition in the beauty market at the moment; but I truly believe - with Paul's vision, determination and values, combined with the outstanding products - Fashion Cosmetics is going to be a huge success.

(Try Fashion Cosmetics now! You can shop on their website - www.fashioncosmetics.co.uk - you won't regret it! Also check out their Facebook page here, or their Instagram and Twitter @FashCosmeticsUK. Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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  1. Wow, what fantastic products! And the range is still moving forwards in 2016... Excellent creams for your skin, I am glowing, such pure and beautiful ingredients. Very special products indeed. There are now stunning essentially oils to purchase. The brand name has now moved from Fashion Cosmetics to 'Pincerna'.


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