27 March 2015

Victoria's Secret Haul

Hello, everyone!

I thought I’d give you another break from my constant stream of America travel-related posts this week and instead show you what I bought from Victoria’s Secret while I was in LA.

I absolutely adore Victoria’s Secret – everything from the products to the in store environments to the branding. It’s all so well done! Also the floor staff are some of the friendliest people working in customer service that I’ve ever come across.

Victoria’s Secret is quite pricey when you live in England and the goods are being imported but when you’re in America, at the source, everything is so much cheaper!

The focus always seems to be on the underwear, however I’ve found that the beauty items are just as gorgeous.

I bought quite a few bits and bobs in the February sales, so without further ado…

(Please note that the prices are approximations.)

1. Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings Make-Up Bag - $8

I fell in love with this black glittery make-up bag with the Victoria Secret Angel wings printed on it at first sight. It’s the perfect size – you can fit several items of make-up inside but it’s not too big that you can’t pop it in your overnight bag for a weekend away.

2. Victoria’s Secret ‘Heavenly’ Perfume and Lipgloss Duo with Gold Case - $6

This, to me, is a genius creation. I love this perfume and lipgloss combo for when I’m out and about and on the go. It fits perfectly in the gold glittery case which is big enough to hold other daily emergency make-up items, such as concealer and mascara, and then it slips oh-so-easily into my handbag. The perfume is called ‘Heavenly’ and it’s quite easy to understand why. It smells so lush! The lipgloss is also a perfect texture and colour for a subtle everyday look.

3. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Black and Gold Glittery Eyeliners - $2 each

These eyeliners were in a bargain bin and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon them! They look so lovely and glittery on my bottom lids for a night out or a dressier day time look.

4. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush ‘Sunset Kiss’ Lipgloss - $2

I know I already purchased the ‘Heavenly’ perfume and lip gloss duo, but I pulled this gloss out of the same bargain bin as the eyeliners – and it’s just divine! The colour is a bit bolder than the lipgloss in the combo and the taste is fruitier. It never hurts to have more than one gloss and for $2, you can’t go wrong!

5. Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings Toiletries Bag - $10

As I’d already grabbed the Angel Wings make-up bag, I simply just had to get the Angel Wings toiletries bag to match! I’d been after one like this for ages - they’re perfect for travelling as they unfold and you can hang them up in your hostel/hotel by your bed. Oh and how cute are the sequins that create the angel wings?

6. Victoria’s Secret Pink ‘Sweet and Flirty’ Hand and Body Cream - $5

I wasn’t aware that Victoria’s Secret offered toiletries until my trip to LA. There were a fair few bits and pieces in the sale but I thought I’d just buy one to try initially to see whether the range was any good! Well, I wish I’d have bought more in hindsight! This hand and body cream smells incredible and is so easy to apply. It does a good job of moisturising but isn’t too heavy in texture. Big thumbs up, Pink!

7. Victoria’s Secret Phone Case for iPhone 5C - $10

Now this is my favourite buy! I’m so in love with this phone case. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. The stripes are part of the brand’s handwriting and I love the fresh, summery combination of the pastel pink and white. It’ll be staying firmly on my phone for a long, long time – let me tell you!

I’m super pleased with my purchases but I’m already missing the Victoria’s Secret price points in America. Take me back!

(Which is your favourite piece from this haul? Do you shop at Victoria's Secret? Please let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading this post. Katie-xo)


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