25 May 2017

Another May Matalan Haul

I did something naughty.

I’m meant to be saving at the moment, specifically for when my American boyfriend visits at the beginning of June, but I accidentally went to Matalan last weekend.

I may have had a slip whilst I was there. Somehow a few items, tripped, fell and ended up in my basket. Then I had no choice but to pay for them.

It was totally not on purpose. But, ahem… It happened.

Like I first explained in this ‘May Matalan Haul’ post last year (hence why I had to call this one ‘ANOTHER May Matalan Haul’), I can never visit my closest Matalan without buying something. It’s like, literally, impossible.

Matalan’s fashion game is strong at the moment. I also can’t get enough of the pyjamas... And don’t get me started on the homeware! It’s all so pretty and… Affordable.

So, yes, I may have made a small error in judgement choosing to go into the store when I know what it does to me, but I only spent just over 30 squid for this little haul. That’s not bad at all really, is it?

Firstly I picked up these ‘K’ babies from the homeware section. I saw the mug before anything else and instantly fell in love. Anyone who knows me knows that I drink coffee like it’s water, especially in the morning when I need to get going with the freelance writing biz (read all about my new venture here). Not only is the gold ‘K’ (for Katie) and polkadot design all shiny and cute, but the mug is a perfect size for my daily Lattes. Win, win!

Then I saw this matching ‘K’ pineapple-shaped trinket tray and I just HAD to have it. I recently bought a trinket tray when I was in Door County in Wisconsin back in March for my GOLD rings, but I so desperately wanted one for my SILVER rings (which I seem to have more of!) Thank you, Matalan! You’ve now solved all my trinket tray problems. Also I’m still crushin’ on pineapples as a homeware motif from last season – let’s face it, who ain’t?

Next, I hit up the fashion section.

I saw this leopard print dress and was like *heart-eyed emoji*! Not only is it monochrome, which I tend to be wearing more and more of as I age, but it has those seriously adorable frilly flute sleeves that are taking over SS17 womenswear right now. Plus, it has a choker piece! An actual choker piece! You guys know how obsessed I am with chokers! (If you don’t know then where have you been? Check out this post to bring you up to speed.) It was love at first sight.

My final purchase was a bit of an ‘I refuse to be an adult’ rebellious kind of thang. That’s right, I bought Disney pyjamas. I’m 26, and I bought Beauty and the Beast pyjamas. To be honest, I don’t really care if you think I’m a massive, overgrown child – because Beauty and the Beast is COOL. It was cool when it came out in the 90’s, it was cool when I was growing up and it’s still cool now thanks to the live re-make that recently came out featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. (By the way, did you see that? It was SO GOOD.) But yes, I digress, don’t you think these pyjamas are amazing? I particularly love the print on the shorts with the rose in the glass container, Lumiere, Mrs Potts and Chip! I’ve been wearing them every night since I bought them and they’re so darn comfy. Yay for Disney!

I’m super happy with all of these Matalan purchases, even though I’m not supposed to be spending – but it was totally worth it! Maybe next time I should go to the store when I can actually spend money there… Or maybe not, because that is oh-so-very dangerous. I might end up buying out the whole store!

'K' Polkadot Mug - £5
'K' Pineapple-Shaped Trinket Tray - £3
Monochrome Leopard Print Dress - £14
'Beauty and the Beast' Pyjamas - £12 

Until next time…



18 May 2017

3 European Cities on my Travel Bucket List

After the most amazing ten months visiting countries from all different corners of the globe, now that I’m home indefinitely, I find myself wondering where I will venture to next.

Of course, having an American boyfriend means that it’s highly likely that I will end up in the US of A again sometime soon; however, the travel bug that now resides in me no matter how hard I try to fight it wants me to go to new places and experience new things. (It’s a stubborn little fella!)

I was with my friend Vanessa last weekend and she just turned to me and went: “So, Katie – where are you off to next?” It definitely got me thinking a little bit.

In the last three years, I have been fortunate enough to explore New Zealand, Australia, USA, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Singapore and Indonesia. Then, a little closer to home, I have visited Ireland, Scotland and The Netherlands. How ironic is it though that I live so close to so many amazing European cities (that would only take one to two hours on a plane to get to) and I haven’t yet been to any of them?

I suppose you could argue that I’m only 26, and I have plenty more time before I’m old and grey, but I’m determined to do most of my exploring while I’m still young - before my body potentially gives up on me! Here are the top three European cities on my travel bucket list.

1) Paris, France.

Every blogger and their dog seem to have been to Paris recently. It’s making me super jealous as Paris just looks so dreamy in all the photos and Insta posts. One of my main wishes is to find a little cafĂ© opposite the Eiffel Tower where I can sip on milky lattes and nibble on pastries that melt in my mouth whilst writing in my travel notebook - all the live long day. (Yes, please!)

I also want to do all the touristy things like visit Notre Dame, take photos of Arc De Triomphe, wander around The Louvre art museum and spend an afternoon shopping down the Champs-Elysees.

Then there’s Disneyland Paris, which is also a must do, especially for a massive Disney geek like myself! It may take anything up to 40 minutes to get there just outside the centre of Paris, but I’ll be able to use either T2 Transfer or Top Paris Transfer for all my taxi and shuttle needs during my stay in the city. (Check both companies out here and here.) Not only can they run you to and from Disneyland, but they offer fast and convenient transportation services to and from the airport. Sorted!

2) Prague, Czech Republic.

The ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ just looks absolutely awe-inspiring on the photos. Not as touristic as some of the other European cities, Prague seems a bit like a hidden gem in the heart of the European mainland – which is precisely why I want to go!

I can’t wait to walk around Old Town Square and see the 600-year-old astronomical clock. There’s also the Charles Bridge and Castle District which are both supposed to be extremely pretty.

The whole city appears to be full of history and medieval architecture and I’m so excited to eventually feast on it with my own eyes!

3) Budapest, Hungary.

The company I last worked for full-time, that produced menswear tailoring, had a factory in Budapest. Various members of staff used to get to visit the city on a regular basis – and oh how I used to wish I could be one of them. It never happened, therefore I have to make sure I visit Hungary’s capital on my own terms in the near future!

Budapest just seems like one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities ever. I love the fact that you have the Buda district, which is mountainous, and then there’s Pest, which couldn’t be more different because it’s flat as a pancake. And both are connected by the Chain Bridge, which is the iconic stone bridge made in the 1800’s!

Like both Paris and Prague, the city is full of history and stunning architecture. I’d really love to go to Old Town and Trinity Square, where Matthias Church lives, as well as the turrets of Fishermen’s Bastion which apparently offer amazing views. There’s also the Buda Castle and Szechenyi thermal baths that I want to check out.

Budapest, hopefully I’ll be coming for ya soon!

In all honesty, I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to visit these cities any time in the near future, as I’m too busy focusing on my freelance writing business. However, you never know, as these cities would all be perfect for a weekend city mini-break in between heavy periods of work!

I’m certainly hoping to cover them off in the next couple of years. But, which one should I visit first? Decisions, decisions!


(Please note that this post contains sponsored links by T2 Transfer and Top Paris Transfer.)

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11 May 2017

3 of My Favourite Style Details RN

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I keep joking recently about how I've got into a bit of a habit of having exactly the same style details this Spring. Does anyone else find that they do this? You get used to having the same 'look', because you like it, or you get complimented on it every time you wear it, or you simply become a little bit lazy with fashion. (Guilty!)

No matter what outfit I wear at the moment, I always have the same 3 style details that I can't seem to shy away from. And nor would I want to! They are the epitome of me and my style. Here are my top 3 favourite style details right now.

1) French plaited hair.

My Mum helps me to create this look. Yes, that's right. Hi, I'm Katie and I'm 26 and my Mum still french plaits my hair for me. You may laugh, but if you've got the resources - why not use them!

More often than not, my Mum plaits my hair when its just been washed and still wet, I let it dry naturally overnight, and then I let it loose. Once it's down, I find that it's all voluminous and wavy. Sometimes I like to mix it up and put in a top knot with the top half of my hair, and just let the bottom half loose.

To create this look, I firstly do my hair in a one-at-the-top. I scrape the top half of my hair into a ponytail and secure with a bobble. I then twist the ponytail and manipulate it so that it falls into a bun, then secure it with another bobble. I throw some hair clips on there to get rid of any flyaways and then, with a spritz of hair spray, I'm good to go. (Big thanks to my sister who originally taught me this hairstyle!)

2) The choker.

Good golly miss Molly, I just can't stop wearing chokers. I'm literally addicted to them. I thought I loved them last season, but I seem to love them even more this season!

I particular adore that they have been given a bit of an update this SS17. Now it's not just all about wearing a choker as a piece of jewellery, it's about wearing a choker as part of the piece of clothing on your top half - whether that's a top or a dress.

Either way, the fabric chokers are so much more comfortable to wear. And they look killer paired with a long rock t-shirt containing some form of grungy print! They're loud, they make a statement, and I'm not going to get over them any time soon. (Sorry, not sorry!)

 Long Rock Tee - MissPap.co.uk

3) Matte liquid lipstick.

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I have a bit of a thing for matte liquid lipsticks... Okay, a lot of a thing. Kylie Cosmetics, Sports Girl, Colour Pop - I love them all!

Now, I may have already reviewed Kylie Cosmetics and Sports Girl - but I think it's time I reviewed Colour Pop. I have a couple of shades that I bought from this LA-based brand a couple of months ago - and I can't stop using them.

I just believe that a matte lip really finishes off my outfit these days. Even if I'm not wearing a lot of make-up, or just in activewear on my way to the shop, if I put on a matte liquid lipstick I instantly feel better - about myself and about life!

Maybe sometime soon, my style details will evolve into something new and fresh. But RN, I'm happy with my french-plaited hair, choker and matte liquid lipstick combo. If it ain't broke then don't fix it, right?


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4 May 2017

Coachella-Inspired Festival Fashion

I might be a little late to the party, but I heard Lady Gaga wowed the crowds with a spectacular firework display as Coachella 2017 came to a close a couple of weekends ago.

America’s most famous music and arts festival situated in the middle of the desert may be over for another year, but it’s only the start of the festival season. (Happy dance!)

Even though I’ve never been to Coachella, I have always wanted to go. Whilst the festival is on every year, I’m constantly on the look out for YouTuber vlogs, Pins and articles showcasing celebrity style. I love to see what everyone is wearing!

And that’s because I am, quite simply, in love with festival-inspired fashion.

Whether it’s a classic off-shoulder Bardot white top with high-waisted denim shorts combo, or a floaty floral maxi dress, it’s all about channelling your inner hippie with pride. And it’s awesome!

Some of our most-loved celebrities for their unique sense of style showed us a fresh take on bohemia this year at Coachella. It was all about the sexy, with Vanessa Hudgens going for little lace bralets and Hailee Steinfeld braving a fishnet long sleeved top.

Although, in true Coachella style, 70’s style maxi dresses and mini dresses still reigned supreme throughout. (I’m looking at you Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez!)

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it to a festival this year - and I’m rather gutted about it! Last year was such a laugh at Leeds Fest with my best friend and partner in crime aka my sister.

Nevertheless, nothing beats a good bit of festival fashion. Whether you’ve already been to Coachella, got a festival coming up, or (like me) simply admire the style, then I’ve got some dreamy pieces to show you.

Taking inspiration from this year’s Coachella celebrity-style, here’s my festival fashion wishlist (available in stores right now):

Boho Headband – £2.65 – newchic.com
White Crop Top - £18 – Pretty Little Thing
High Waisted Denim Floral Skirt - £53 – Topshop
Bohemian Maxi Dress - £56 – chicwish.com
Long Sleeved Fishnet Top - £15 – Boohoo
Paint Splatter Denim Shorts - £46 – River Island
Chelsea Wellington Boots - £90 – Harrods

Long live festival fashion!

K xo

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