Blogger. Freelance Writer. World Traveller. Avid Tea and Coffee Drinker. Daydreamer. Zumba Enthusiast. Creative. So Very Northern...

...I always struggle writing these 'about me' pages. I'm not a big fan of talking about myself. I know some people don't mind it; they could happily harp on about themselves all day long, until the cows come home, but that's just not me. So, instead, I thought I'd throw a few words out there - words you could use to describe little old Katie. 

I should point out at this stage that I am in no way little - I'm  5ft 11" - and I'm not exactly old either at 26 years young. (Although sometimes I feel it... Does anyone else find that they struggle getting up after being sat down for a long time at this age? No? Just me then.)

Hey, fun fact! This blog has been around for six years now. I started it at university, for an assignment, and I could never quite let it go after that. (Frozen, anyone?) 

My blog was actually private for a long time because I didn't have the confidence to put it out there in the public domain. I was too shy. But then a very lovely fellow blogger came along who persuaded me to just go for it (Floral Danielle - I am forever grateful) and the rest, they say, is history!

This is primarily a fashion and travel blog, as I currently work as a freelance writer in these two niches, but there might be a random 'how-to' article or some kind of list (who doesn't love a good list?) thrown in. Please visit my business website for all of your content needs. 

Oh and if you wondering to yourself why oh why, on God's green earth, is this blog called KatieKat... Then allow me to put you out of your misery. (FYI it's not that interesting.) KatieKat is simply the nickname my Dad gave me when I was a wee tot. It kinda stuck, even when I finally grew up and became a human giraffe. (Definitely more giraffe than cat now, but KatieGiraffe doesn't quite have the same ring to it...)

Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to come visit my blog. Feel free to have a nosy around, whilst you're here, and comment on a few things.

If you ever need me for anything, I'm here,Yorkshire tea in hand.

Hopefully speak with you soon!

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