Jenna Marbles and the Rise of YouTube

We have entered an era where technology has taken over the traditional ways we used to communicate. Instead of telephoning someone, we text them on our mobiles; instead of sending a friend a letter to invite them to our birthday, we make a Facebook event; instead of ranting to our Mums about the mean man on the train that wouldn’t move across so that we could have a seat, we rant in a tweet. We read our social networking news feeds like they are the morning paper. We are so connected in today’s society that news travels obscenely fast, and the longing for fresh, new information means that we are spending a large chunk of our waking lives staring at computer and mobile phone screens. 

This constant sharing and interacting has had a knock on effect, and is now giving ordinary people that wouldn’t usually get the time of day a spotlight to shine.  Celebrities used to become celebrities because they had talent, now apparently if you don’t have talent, but a stupid song with a video that people can laugh at, then you get the go ahead to become famous. 

Cue American pop ‘singer’ Rebecca Black with Friday, whose YouTube video became an online sensation overnight with over one million views:

And the latest YouTube sensation, who has broken the record with the highest number of views on the video sharing site ever (516 million and counting)! Say hello to South Korean rapper Psy with Gangnam Style:

The horse dance that can be seen so beautifully executed in the video has been replicated by today’s youth in nightclubs up and down the country. Admittedly, I have been one of them!

But… It’s not just in nightclubs! Last night Kane and I went to TGI’s for a meal and halfway through chomping on our Jack Daniels chicken we were interrupted by Gangnam Style on the stereo system, on full blast, while the waiters and waitresses paraded around us trying to copy the moves seen in the video. It was ridiculous, but certainly livened up our meal! 

It just proves that YouTube sensations are taking over our lives! Not just through online platforms anymore, but offline as well. 

I think this is fine if the ‘sensation’ has genuine talent, but I’m not convinced Rebecca Black, or even Psy, does. I suppose he can dance the horse dance well. 

Now, Jenna Marbles is a character that my friends and I have been talking about a lot lately. I think she should be the next YouTube sensation as she actually has talent! Her video concepts, and the content in them, are genuinely humorous and entertaining! And it works because she is a down to earth, normal girl just talking about issues that we can relate to in every day life.

This is one of my favourite videos of hers about how girls always overpack suitcases:

Jenna Marbles is someone that actually deserves the spotlight to shine and, with her YouTube following increasing each day, it looks like she might get it. 

Support genuine talent, not just the latest fad. Go, Jenna! 

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