What is Sentimental Fashion and How Does it Empower Us?

‘My garden of
flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely
as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful’ – Abram L. Urban.

It is important to dream. Without a dream, there is no
direction or focus in life. To dream is to long for something which isn’t
always achievable; that’s why it is a dream, there is a sense of

However I believe that with the support of those who love
you the most around you, anything is possible. And if they can’t always be
there physically, then they are there spiritually; sometimes through what you

I find that when I know that I’ve got a tough day at work
ahead, I will put on the diamond ring that I inherited from my Grandma. Knowing
that I’m wearing something that she once wore gives me comfort, and the fact
that I have a little piece of her with me makes me feel more confident as I
know that she thought the world of me.

This idea of sentiment through what you wear translates to
clothes. I used to have a favourite dress that I wore constantly on nights out with
friends. Every time I wore it, I had the best time! So now I’ve started wearing
it through the day instead; every time that I wear it and catch myself in the
mirror, memories from those nights come flooding back to me and, regardless of
what kind of day I’ve been having so far, it makes me smile. 

Additionally there’s my fabulous classic black-and-white
Alexander McQueen skull scarf that I received as a present for my 21st
birthday. It helped me get my first job after University so now I know that I
will wear it for every job interview to come because, to me, it feels lucky.

I think it’s good to have those special items in your
wardrobe that make you feel positive and uplifted. They will make you feel
stronger when you’re going about your daily business, especially at work.

It is important to feel empowered at work in order to reach
those career aspirations, or dreams that don’t always seem within reach. Sometimes
it’s not always about wearing the latest trends to get the best personal sense
of style, it’s about wearing the things that are most representative of you and
help you to be the best version of yourself. So make sure you always have
things in your wardrobe that you can wear that make you feel like your worthy,
or remind you of a time when you did feel worthy. Because, ladies, how are you
ever going to reach high enough to achieve those dreams without a little
someone (or, in this case, something) to give you that push?

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