Brand Spotlight: Topshop’s AW12 Range

…Someone asked me the other day what my favourite brand is.
It took me a millisecond to reply, because my favourite brand is, and has
always been, TOPSHOP.

They then asked me why. I said:

“I admire Topshop; not only their ability to keep up with
the latest trends and constantly deliver a product range that reflects their
consumer’s wants and needs, but also their ability to develop their brand and
image to be one that continues to innovate and build a reputation as the best
on the high street for young, fashion-forward consumers.”

When I was a student, my friends argued that the brand is
little bit too expensive for our target age group, but I don’t think that’s
entirely the case. The price points are aspirational, which is the reason
behind why Topshop is so successful. A lot of students cannot afford to shop
there every week, so what do they do? They save up and then go on a shopping binge.
And the fact that they get 10% student discount makes them believe they’re getting
a great deal and receiving good value for money.

On my recent shopping trip to Leeds, I visited the new Trinity
store on Briggate that opened last month. It is the THIRD largest Topshop in
the country, behind Liverpool (#2) and London Oxford Street (#1).

It’s so impressive! The in store environment was dark with
loud, quirky music playing and moody lighting. A sci-fi, futuristic theme could
be seen not only through the VM, but the diagonal, neon strobes of light in the
windows, along with the starry night sky backdrop.

This theme then translated to their product, with Galactica being
a key trend of the range. This is also highlighted on their website, where they
showcase it in more detail:

(Images courtesy of the Topshop website.)

May the fashion force be with you! (Ahem, sorry.)

To be perfectly honest, I would buy out the store if I
could! But, unfortunately, I can only afford to buy key pieces every now and

I managed to get my outfit for my cousin’s wedding this
weekend though (coming up in a future post), which I’m very excited about!

So the purpose of this post is to say: Topshop, I love you. You’re
the best! And keep up the good work.

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