My Personal Style: When Grunge Meets Glam

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Everybody has a personal style. Whether you’re style-savvy, passionate about all things fashion and keen to dress in the latest trends, or more of a laid-back individual, who’d rather dress to suit their own taste and disregard seasonal advances – everyone has their own distinctive look. 

Personal style is the way we build outfits, the mood and feel of our wardrobe and, most importantly of all, the way we wear what we wear.

I’ve been trying to come up with a short phrase that sums up my personal style. Here’s the few that made the short-list:

1. Girly with a hint of grunge.

2. When grunge meets glam.

3. Girly grunge.

4. Glamorous grunge.

I decided that number two is the most appropriate; allow me to explain!

At Uni, my style used to be so laid-back (out of laziness, if I’m honest). I love my rock music so I started going to Rock City on a regular basis, getting involved with an alternative crowd, and my style, as a result, evolved to include hints of grunge 

I wore a lot of black, and darker colours in general, and my chocolate brown Doc Marten-style boots had to be included in almost every outfit!

But I also loved florals and pretty, girly looks:  

Towards the end of Uni, when nights out were few and far between because of the workload, I used to really enjoy getting dressed up and making more of an effort with what I wore. As I grew older, my style adapted again. 

I still have my grungy days, and I still have my glamorous days… But, most of the time, I’m a mixture of the two. Hence, my personal style: when grunge meets glam.

I have to say, I’m one of those people who tries to keep up to the latest trends. I love using fashion as an extension of my personality. 

Another thing that I love about fashion is its ability to be ahead of time. For instance, there are garments that are currently being sold on the high street which encapsulate S/S 13, meaning that us fashionistas can buy into the trends early and set an example for the other fashion followers out there.

The other week I bought a dress that showcased the following aspects of S/S 13 trends: 60’s, flower power, stripes and pastels. 

This outfit demonstrates my personal style nicely! The grunge aspects of the outfit are the studded belt, the black tights and the leather jacket. The glam aspects are the dress, the curled hair, prominent make-up, sequinned heeled shoes and sequinned jewellery.

I predict that my style will change and evolve in the years to come, like it has done in the past. But, for now, I’m happy with my look. I’d like to think it’s a little bit unique, different and individualistic!

(What I want to know is: how would you describe your personal style? 

Share your thoughts below!)

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