What to Wear to an A/W 12 Wedding

I told you that this post would be coming! And here it is, at long last.

When news of my cousin’s wedding initially reached my ears, the first thought to enter my head was: ‘I’ve never been to a wedding before, WHAT ON EARTH will I wear?!’

Thoughts of potential dresses in my wardrobe flashed before my eyes and, for a moment, I felt assured knowing I only had to pick a dress, some shoes and throw on some accessories to tie it altogether. That would be all well and good for a summer wedding, but then it dawned on me… The wedding would be in November.

slsfdkfjsdlfjsfldflsf! *Cue major panic*

‘It’s going to be freezing, I can’t just wear a dress… What am I supposed to wear on top of it, I refuse to just sling on a coat that doesn’t match… How am I supposed to make my outfit look dressy if I have to wrap up warm… Oh dear, finding the right outfit is going to be a mission…’

Luckily, I needn’t have worried. A day trip to Leeds, plus a visit to the new Topshop on Briggate, and I was sorted. It was as simple as that.

In the end I decided to invest in a dress that would transcend through to next season. In a previous post, where I declared my undying love for Topshop, I mentioned that a key trend of their current range is Galactica; this trend consists of metallic fabrics, layering, graphic prints, futuristic asymmetry, shimmer and glam. Then, in another previous post, I talked about key S/S 13 trends and how fashion would soon enter the space age after sci-fi themes could be seen on catwalks such as Markus Lupfer, Alexander McQueen and Antipodium. Therefore I picked out this little number:

Trendy and ahead of time, as well as being glamorous enough for the Debenhams staff Christmas party, this dress is individualistic and ideal for what I wanted for the wedding.

To solve the issue of wintry weather, I teamed it with a dark floral blazer that consisted of soft grey, green, blue, orange and yellow hues which seemed to compliment the silver tone of the dress:

Then I decided to ‘up’ the glamour to maximise the dressiness of the look, with the wedding being such a special occasion, through sequinned shoes and accessories:

And my A/W 12 wedding look was complete:

I wasn’t cold at all throughout the day! Then I removed my blazer for the evening do to develop the look from day to night and allow the dress to shine on its own.

A fabulous outfit for a fabulous occasion. I loved every minute!

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