Writing for IDEAL Magazine

I have always had a passion for writing, from a young age. Recently I have reignited that passion through blogging about fashion.

I have been enjoying it so much that I am, wholeheartedly, considering fashion journalism as a potential career path. However, I want to broaden my skills and experience first – so when the opportunity came up to be a fashion writer for IDEAL and contribute three articles per week, I jumped at it!

What is IDEAL magazine?

IDEAL is a women’s online magazine that delivers information-rich content on a variety of topics – such as fashion, beauty and body, lifestyle, travel, relationships and shopping. They also feature regularly contests for readers.

Check it out here.

Who created IDEAL?

The magazine was founded by three girls with a passion for all things media; they come from diverse backgrounds in publishing, journalism and PR.

Hayley Samela is the Editor in Chief:

Rachel Stevenson is the Editor:

And last, but certainly not least, Victoria Clifford-Sanghad is the Managing Director:

Where is IDEAL based?

It is based in London.

What have you written for IDEAL so far?

I have written numerous articles; however, only two have been published so far.

1. Peach Pink London: The Launch of a New Handbag Label.

2. Get the Look: Nicole Richie.

I’m loving being able to write for IDEAL and thankful to be given the opportunity. Watch this space for future publishings!

(Note: this post contains images and information courtesy of IDEAL magazine which can be found here.)


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