Cosatto is SO COOL!

Ever heard of children’s products company Cosatto?

You should have; they’re one of the coolest brands on the planet right now. If you haven’t, you’ll know much more about them after reading this!

Kinderbase, the brand that I now work for, currently sell some of their products on their website (check them out here). Yesterday my Manager invited me to visit their head office so we could preview their new range and it was such an eye-opener.

Not only is Cosatto one of the best places to work in the UK (they recently won an award for ranking fourth), but the company is doing some amazing things at the moment in terms of product, branding and marketing.

Their brand identity and positioning is solid, with personality overflowing from everything that they do.

They have a USP of fresh, innovative products with quirky designs and personality. Their mission statement is ‘to save the world from boring baby stuff’. It may be bold, daring and ambitious – but it works!

Their offices are seriously impressive, reflecting the brand personality down to a T. The showroom, where we previewed the new range, was branded with their handwriting and had a garden party theme running throughout; there was grassy floor, deck chairs and benches with parasols. They even had their own library and chill out area, living area with bean bag chairs and… Wait for it… a SLIDE which led to the showroom! Naturally I had to try it out!

Everything was so well thought out and executed to perfection.

I don’t think I’m allowed to say much about the new range at this stage, but there are some corking products in there! One of my favourites has to be this stroller with comic book print design:

How unique is that?! It’s brilliant, just brilliant!

I really was geeking out all afternoon. I love the attitude the brand has: this is what we are, this is what we stand for and, if you don’t like it, BYE! It’s quite cheeky, but very admirable.

I feel lucky that I now get to work with this brand as we continue to grow Kinderbase. Great job, Cosatto! Keep up the good work.

(Had you ever heard of Cosatto before now? What do you think?

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