Fashion Cosmetics ‘Rock Chick’ Product Review

You’re going to hear me harp on about Fashion Cosmetics a lot from now on.

Fashion Cosmetics, for those who don’t know, is a beauty brand that specialises in timeless natural cosmetics but in a new contemporary way. They have a core range that focusses on seven product types for seven different types of girl, which uses perfumery to match their individual personality, mood and style, meaning that everyone can relate to at least one product type.

They also have a retro and vintage cosmetics range, which uses truly unique fragrancing to take you to a specific place or moment in time from the past. For example, the fragrance of the Space Invaders product type will take you back to playing video games in the arcade as a kid.

It really is quite clever.

The founder of Fashion Cosmetics was kind enough to send me a sample product, the ‘Rock Chick’ Body Butter from the core range, to review for my blog.

According to the website, ‘Rock Chick’ is for the alternative girl – deep thinking on the inside but has a unique edge on fashion. It is a young, bright fragrance with the sweet combination of vanilla and mango, balanced with the exotic jasmin flower.

Before I tried out the product, I read this description on the website – along with the two other product types of the core range, as the other four are still in development – and decided I fit Rock Chick down to a T.

However, I wanted to see whether the product lived up to my – already high – expectations.

The packaging is simplistic, and yet makes a statement, with the ‘Rock Chick’ graphic on the front of a woman playing a guitar. It stands out amongst the other beauty products on my bathroom shelf, for all of the right reasons. Then the silver tin gives it more of a premium feel, even though the RRP stands at a reasonable £12.99.

Another plus is that all of the ingredients used to make the product are organic, according to the information on the back of the tin.

I opened the lid and saw the light yellow wavy-looking butter filled right to the top, and my first thought was ‘this is going to last a long time’!

I then sniffed it. I was sold on the first sniff. It smells absolutely divine. 

Applying the product was easy, as the texture was creamier than I was expecting. You only need a 5p amount on your hand and the butter will spread all over one leg.

After one application, my legs were noticeably shinier (I tried to take a photo but the sheen is only visible on my knees in the photo). They were also smoother.

As someone who suffers from incredibly dry skin, particularly on the bottom of my legs, I was concerned that ‘Rock Chick’ Body Butter wouldn’t get the job done of actually moisturising the skin. Oh, how I was wrong. My skin was softer for a lot longer than some of the body butters that I have used in the past, but it would need topping up after a couple of days (I know you’re supposed to moisturise daily but this is if you’re feeling lazy and indulging in a one-off application).

The only thing I would say is that, if you accidentally put too much product on your fingers to start with, there might be excess on your skin and it will take a while to sink in.

But, at £12.99, it’s great value for money and you do get 50 grams worth of body butter so it will last a long time. I’d pay it just for the smell, to be honest!

To sum up, I love Fashion Cosmetics as a brand and I love it even more as a product.

(There will be more about Fashion Cosmetics in upcoming blog posts but, in the mean time, feel free to visit their website at, their Facebook page here, or their Instagram and Twitter @FashCosmeticsUK. Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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