Get the Look: Girls

Has anyone else been watching ‘Girls’? I love it.

For those who don’t know, ‘Girls’ is the hit US comedy with
two series that have already been aired in the UK and the third currently in
production. The show has four wonderfully diverse, yet fashionable in their own
way, main characters – so I thought I’d do another ‘get the look’ post, this
time focussing on ‘Girls’.

You’ve probably at least heard about ‘Girls’ from large
amount of media attention that the show has received; it’s a quirky
comedy-drama written and created by Lena Dunham, who plays main protagonist
Hannah. The show focusses on four twenty-somethings living in New York City,
therefore has naturally been compared to Sex and The City; however it differs
from Sex and the City in the sense that it feels more true-to-life and
relatable. For example, the first few episodes tell the story of how Hannah
struggles to find a job and make ends meet after graduating university, having
to initially work for free as an Intern to build up her experience. There are
so many graduates in the current economic climate having the exact same
problems. Also the characters aren’t wearing big designer labels, with a shoe
cupboard full of Manolo Blahniks – like Carrie in Sex and the City – as this
just isn’t feasible with their low disposable incomes. However, they still
manage to look stylish on a budget.

Hannah Horvath (Lena

Hannah is admirable for fully embracing her size 16 figure
when it comes to outfit and style choices. She tends to wear colourful, printed
dresses – or a top and skirt – layered with a slouchy cardigan or jacket. Her
style is laid-back and thrown-together, and extremely representative of what
real twenty-somethings wear around the world today.

Marnie Michaels
(Allison Williams)

Marnie is Hannah’s best friend, and roommate in the first
series, who tends to epitomise New York City style through her outfits. She is
sensible, prim and proper, always looks polished and tends to dress to the
‘smart casual’ mentality – choosing a structured dress or playsuit and heels
over casual, comfortable alternatives.

Jessa Johansson (Jemima

Jessa is British and feisty. She is one of Hannah and
Marnie’s closest friends who has just come back from travelling the world, and
her wardrobe reflects this. A lot of global cultural influences can be seen in
her outfit choices, through floaty maxi dresses, kimono prints and tribal
jewellery. Her style just screams bohemian chic.

Shoshanna Shapiro (Zosia

Shoshanna is Jessa’s cousin and roommate in the first
series. She is the youngest in the group and this initially comes across in her
outfits; her style is very innocent, feminine and playful. She uses colour
blocking and girly touches to add an element of fun to her outfits, through
teaming a printed top with a lego coloured skirt, or vice versa, then
accessorising with clashing belts and handbags.

‘Girls’ is definitely worth watching, for the
individualistic fashion if nothing else! It’s interesting to see how each
character expresses their personality and essence through their outfit choices.
It’s charming, fascinating and – above all else – authentic! I can’t wait for
the third series!

(Who’s your favourite ‘Girls’ character in terms of style? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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