Sister Animal Power

Hello, everyone!

I forgot to say in my previous post – the 2013 review – that I hope
you all had a very Merry Christmas! I ate and drank too much, as usual,
resulting in food babies and comas aplenty.

I absolutely love Christmas; it’s my favourite time of year.
But it’s always the same – there’s such a huge build-up before the big day
then, before you know it, it’s over. The anti-climax is as steep as the climax,
which means that January equals post-Christmas blues.

I’ve got something a little bit different for you today. Even
though there’s a lot of ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts about, I didn’t feel
the need to join in. I think the sales shopping hauls are much more interesting
as who doesn’t love a good bargain? (Have no fear; my version of this post will
follow shortly!)

But, whilst I was in Yorkshire over Christmas/New Year, I wanted to test out my new DSLR and photography
skills through shooting an outfit post with my sister as the subject.

Say hello to my older sibling Nicola, 25 years old and a
Primary School Teacher.

I really like Nic’s style – it’s very smart, trend-led and
classic. She’s a lot more well-put-together than myself and always looks

This outfit reminds me of something that the cast of Made in
Chelsea would wear. It’s loud through the clashing of the animal print,
accessorized well through the hat, scarf and handbag – and makes a serious
style statement.

I like the simplicity of the black and white colour palette,
with a hint of brown from the leopard print coat.

The combination of textures, through the faux fur coat
collar and black leather handbag and boots, gives more of a premium feel to the
outfit as well as adds diversity.

Finally, with a slick of dark berry lipstick and a scrunch
of the coppery hair, she’s ready to go.

Fedora Hat – Topshop

Leopard Print Coat – Topshop

Zebra Print Midi Dress – Topshop

Black Tights – M&S

Gold Chunky Ring – Diesel (*)

Gold Wing Ring – Topshop

Midi Rings – Primark

Black Satchel – Fossil (*)

Black Boots – Topshop

Good work, sis!

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