Spanish Senorita Style

It occurred to me recently, while in Alicante, how different Spanish women dress to us Britons.

Generally speaking, their style is quite casual and laid-back compared to ours. Granted, you do get the odd senorita dolled up to the nines, looking more glamorous than Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian put together. But, mostly, they tend to throw on a pair of shorts and a vest top, and they’re good to go.

Could that be something to do with the warm climates of Spain, do you think? I know, personally, that my fashion gets lazy when I’m on holiday and it’s hot outside. It’s just too much effort to try and look good when you’re sweating so much trying to get ready at 9 o’clock in the morning. Then you have to try and do something with the limp, bushy hair that has grown ten times its usual thickness due to the humidity – and don’t even get me started with trying to put make-up on! It just slides straight off.

So I can totally understand why Spanish women might choose to dress down rather than dress up. That isn’t to say that they’re not stylish. I noticed that they love a good print, with Desigual (a big, casual clothing brand from Barcelona known for its patchwork designs and eccentric prints) being one of their top go-to high street stores.

I visited a Desigual concession in an Alicante department store and, I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed. The prints seemed very dated and outlandish to me – but, hey, each to their own!

A particular trend that I did pick up on while I was in Spain was tribal printed trousers. These trousers are polyester material, or sometimes even jersey, and elasticated at the top and at the ankles. They kind of remind me of Princess Jasmine’s trousers in Aladdin – I suppose they are that shape, but less voluminous!

Anyway, they look super lightweight and comfy for warm, sunny days – so I simply had to try them out!

I bought this pair in a Benidorm souvenir shop for a mere six euros – and I wish I’d got some more! They feel like pyjamas when they’re on and I also love the variety of prints that they come in.

I thought this bright colour combo would be perfect for summer days (or nights) and co-ordinate well with my bold orange vest top.

I then added a bit of sparkle in the form of my bejewelled sandals and glamorous bling – excelente!

I’m definitely going to be rocking these trousers again, even though I’m back in England – they’re just too good not to! I’d have to save them for a hot day though as they are far too thin for when it’s a wee bit chilly outside!

I’m kicking myself though – why didn’t I buy another pair? (or five!) – I’m so silly. But yes, thank you to Spanish women for introducing me to these bad boys – you got style!

(Do you like my trousers? What do you think of Spanish style? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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