The Fake Nails Debate

Who says that to have glam nails they have to be real?!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m one of those people who just can’t stop biting their nails.

When I’m anxious, when I’m bored, when I’m down – you name it – I always do it. I feel like it just can’t be helped any more. 

I am trying to stop, but what do girls like me do when they have a big night out or special occasion and they need their nails to look better (and fast)?

Answer: buy fake ones.

In my opinion, fake nails get a bad name. You can tell they’re not real, they look tacky, they don’t last very long – blah blah blah. I agree, some are awful, so it’s all about choosing the right ones for you.

When I say choose carefully, I don’t necessarily mean going out and buying the most expensive pair in the shop. 

Last week I bought these ombré beauties in Primark for a mere quid – that’s right, one pound – and they have lasted me all week.

I bought them specifically because I had a karaoke night in Nottingham pencilled in, with the most gorgeous group of girls you can imagine (all with great nails)!

I put these nails on using a Boots nail glue that didn’t come with them. Little tip: the nail glue that comes with a pack of cheap nails, like this one, can’t always be trusted. Always buy your nail glue in Boots or Superdrug for £2-£3 to ensure it’s of a good enough quality to make your nails last for weeks, not days. 

After sticking my nails on, I filed them right down so they were only a few millimetres longer than my actual nails. I think a lot of people make the mistake of just plonking them on and that’s why they don’t suit their fingers, or make it harder for them to go about their daily business by getting in the way. Always file the nails down if they look too long! They look more natural this way and, ultimately, less fake!

Finally, if you decide that you’re not happy with the colour or pattern on them – or you just want a bit of variation for your next night out – just do what I do. Paint over them! 

That’s what I did with this Primark pack so that the tips matched my pink dress.

Fake nails are actually fabulous when done properly! I’ve had lots of compliments and they’re really fun to play around with in the short term if you’ve got a bad habit, like me, or if you just want a bit of extra length or variation.

(Do you like my fake nails? Have you or would you ever buy them? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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