What’s In My Bag?

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and write my own version
of the ‘what’s in your bag’ post – I know how much I like reading them when I
see them pop up here, there and everywhere across the blogosphere!

There’s just something quite fascinating about seeing what
girls have in their handbags – I don’t really understand why, but I think it
just comes down to being extremely nosy! But at least I’m not alone, judging
by how popular the ‘what’s in your bag’ post seems to be.

Without further ado, here’s what I carry around with me on a
day to day basis:

First of all, I’m currently using my Fossil metallic tote
handbag (more than any other bag) as the neutral colour goes with anything I
happen to have on in the day. It is also very roomy, so it can include bottles
of water or snacks that I might need depending on where I’m going and what I’m

In this Fossil bag, I always carry a purse (obviously). At
the moment I’m using this Fossil one as it’s fairly new and I absolutely adore
the giraffe print (almost as much as I adore giraffes in general). It’s quite
wide and rectangular, with both a card section and a change section, so fits in
everything that I need money-wise!

Then, because it’s summer and the weather has been very sunny
lately, I carry my trusty pair of Primark sunglasses with black, circular
lenses. I’m currently loving circular lenses for SS14 as they’re a bit kooky
and dramatic – two of my favourite things in fashion!

When it’s not sunny, I usually carry my black Primark
umbrella just in case there are any unexpected downpours.

Moving onto the beauty section, I always have Vaseline in my
bag to banish dry lip syndrome. This pot is particularly great because it
has Cocoa Butter in it, so keeps my lips nice and smooth. I also tend to carry
a cheap lipstick or lipgloss in case I’m going somewhere fancy and in need of a
little colour on my lips. The one I currently carry is Model’s Own lip crayon
in fuchsia pink. It’s such a strong hue so you definitely need a mirror to
apply it, hence my little heart-shaped compact.

Of course I also carry my phone, which is currently an
iPhone 4S. I’m due an upgrade at the end of August and will most likely be
upgrading to an iPhone 5 as I can’t imagine not having an iPhone. Yes, I’m one
of those people. It means I will also have to buy a new phone case, which I’m
kind of gutted about, as I love my purple retro cassette case. I got it from a
stall on Briggate in Leeds and it was such a steal for a mere fiver. I’m sure
you’ll be able to buy them for other phone models though, so we’ll see!

Finally, the last thing that I carry is a silver case full
of business cards for my blog and my brand. You never know who you’re going to
meet, or run into, so these are definitely worth having – not just for
professional purposes, but if you bump into someone from school that you haven’t
seen for ages and you want to keep in touch. It’s easier to just give them one
of your business cards, especially if you’re in a rush, than faff about with
your phone trying to get their number.

That’s everything, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed being nosy and I look forward to reading some more
of your ‘what’s in your bag’ posts very soon!

(Have you already done a ‘what’s in your bag’ post? Please link me by leaving me a comment. Many thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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