For the Love of Singapore

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If I had to describe Singapore in one word, it would have to be: wow.

Singapore is one hell of an amazing metropolis – the city is so clean and so so SHINY. I’ve heard people say that you can lick a bin and you wouldn’t catch anything and now I fully understand why. 

Singapore is like a cross between America and England in many ways – there are American roads, signs and skyscrapers, combined with English streets, back alleys and buildings. Of course another bonus is that English is widely spoken as it’s one of the country’s official four languages. I think that’s why I liked it so much as I love America and I’m also rather fond of England due to it being my home country. 

There’s plenty to do as well – anyone who says you only need a few days in Singapore is LYING! There are the typical touristic activities, like slurping on a Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel, but a variety of other things on offer as well – such as a trip to the zoo, a walk around Clarke Quay (a thriving hub of restaurants and bars) or you can visit one of the many shopping malls that the city inhabits.

Singapore seems to have tried very hard to put a shopping mall in every place imaginable. In the airport? Check. In each train station? Check. On the corner of every street? Check. I’m definitely not complaining though as everyone who reads this blog knows that shopping is my favourite hobby! (Come to think of it, perhaps this is another reason why I fell in love with Singapore.)

We were also incredibly lucky to stay in the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel for one night (Kane and I’s birthday present to each other for this year). Now, Marina Bay Sands is something else entirely. It might have been the orchestra playing in the lobby upon arrival that made me think so, or the view of the city from our room; it might have been the gigantic bath tub in the bathroom or the extra large double bed; it could even have been the spectacular sights of the surrounding skyscrapers from the observation deck. But, actually, it’s more likely to have boiled down to the fact that we got to watch the sun go down from the incredible infinity pool that trickles off the edge of one of the towers. 

If you’re ever fortunate enough to go there, make sure you also check out the helix bridge and the shopping mall surrounding the hotel. Our stay in the complex was outstanding and it’s something that I’ll never forget!

You might be wondering how much Marina Bay Sands set us back and the answer is TOO MUCH! Almost everybody comments on how expensive Singapore is but, the truth is, standard price rates are okay. They are practically the same as England. But it’s the fact that they put GST on top – plus a service charge of 10% in bars and restaurants – that can make it rather sneaky and all the expense soon adds up. 

I do not regret going to Singapore at all though, even if we are on a bit of a tight budget, and would definitely recommend it to fellow travellers. It’s one of my favourite places that I’ve ever been to and I hope to go back there one day! I think I could even live there if I really wanted to. We shall see!

But for now, next stop: New Zealand!


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