Vegas, Baby!

The America Series

This is part two in the America series, telling the story of mine and my sister’s five week trip around the USA.

After our first stop in Los Angeles, we flew to the one and only Las Vegas in Nevada.

We had a bit of trouble with the taxi transportation from
the airport to our hotel. If you’ve never been to Vegas, I urge you to be
careful with the taxi drivers there. Apparently if your taxi driver asks if
it’s your first time in Vegas, you’re supposed to say no (even if that’s a
lie). If you admit to them that it’s your first time then they see dollar
signs. They will take you to your hotel the longest way possible and might even
pretend they’ve got lost to raise the meter figure as high as possible. This
happened to us and we had to file an official complaint with the company, so
please make sure you watch yourselves!

Anyway after that initial mishap, we could fully relax and start
to enjoy our Vegas experience. Upon first impressions, I was pleasantly
surprised with the Strip. I’d heard so many people talk about how tacky it is
and how it’s not even worth visiting, but I didn’t think that at all. In fact,
quite the opposite – it’s so expensive and the clubs are super exclusive to get
into to.

We did check out a couple of clubs while we were there after
we were lucky enough to be in touch with one of the best promoters – we were
given guestlist entry, free drinks and sometimes even VIP access! The clubs
were very impressive but just not my scene – there were a ton of pretentious posers
in suits throwing money about. Also what is with the price of drinks? $18 for
two jagerbombs – are you kidding me?! It was a fun change of scenery but give
me a dive bar with friendly, down-to-earth people and $3.50 cider any day!

It’s strange as well because the clubs are part of the hotel
resorts. All of the hotels on the Strip exude luxury and glamour, unless you
stay in the Travelodge (like us cool kids did)!

I really liked the Bellagio and the famous fountain show.
The Venetian was also extraordinary – it has a shopping centre inside of it set out and
decorated like the streets of Venice. Then there’s the New York New York hotel which has a rollercoaster running through it (madness)!

My favourite thing that we did though was the day trip to
the Hoover Dam followed by the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Now, that was
pretty special! The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the
world, is as spectacular as they say. My sister wasn’t that fussed about going
on the day (we’d both been out the night before and were really tired and
hungover – plus the pickup time was 6.15am) but she absolutely loved it! We couldn’t
recommend it enough, so please go and see it if you have the opportunity.

We only spent three nights in the crazy city of Las Vegas
but we really enjoyed our time there. We did think we needed an extra night
though, because we lost a full day to the Grand Canyon trip, but that would be
enough (unless you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money)!

All in all, it was a great trip and definitely worth the

 (Have you been to Vegas before? What did you think? Thanks so much for reading and please let me know what you think below! Katie-xo)