Welcome Back

Happy New Year, all!

You may be wondering why on earth I’m wishing you a Happy New Year in February. Well, the reason is simple: I haven’t blogged since 2014 (which feels extremely strange to say).

This is because I spent my January and half of February in the wonderful country that is the USA, on a five week travelling trip with my sister.

I chose not to blog while I was out there because I wanted to focus my time on making memories rather than documenting them. However I am back in England now and ready to share my experiences with you once more!

I apologise for being a bit MIA this year so far but I’m hoping to get cracking on the series of America posts as from today.

I really hope you enjoy reading them!

Thank you for being patient with me and God Bless America! 

(Have you had a good 2015 so far? What’s been your favourite part so far? Katie-xo)

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