The Music City of Nashville

The America Series

This is the third post in the America Series! If you’ve
missed the first or second instalment, you can catch up on them here
and here.

After mine and my sister’s three crazy nights in
the one and only Las Vegas, it was time to check out Music City (otherwise known as NASHVILLE)!

Recognised for its country music and love of live bands,
Nashville was on my personal list of places I needed to visit before I die. It has produced Kings of
Leon (my favourite band) as well as Johnny Cash (my favourite country music
artist) and Taylor Swift (my guilty pleasure).

Also, a couple of my friends had been there before me and
both said how fun it was.

This was another one of those situations where Nic (my
sister) had heard of Nashville but really wasn’t bothered about going. Like with the Grand Canyon, I managed
to change her mind!

What you don’t realise about Nashville is that live music
plays in the bars on Broadway all day every day. Acts start as early as 10am
and just keep on coming, right up until 2am.

There are so many different bars to choose from and each of
them offers something a little bit different. We went out on the Saturday night,
as our five nights in Nashville fell over a weekend, and had one of the best
nights out we’ve ever had!

That was, in large part, due to a bunch of amazingly awesome
people that we met from Wisconsin who were visiting for the weekend. But it was
also down to the atmosphere in those bars… It was just so electric, like one
big party, and everybody was so happy!

Nic and I made the mistake of not going out on the Sunday
night as well, which we deeply regret to this day, as we heard Sunday night is as good as
Saturday night in Nashville.

But we wanted to feel fresh for the Country Music Hall of
Fame the next morning which, if you’re ever in Nashville, is worth visiting!

Also worth visiting is this fabulous little restaurant/café called
The Pancake Pantry near the University. As you can probably tell from the name,
it does all different types of pancakes and the food is absolutely delicious! It’s such a
good idea and was great to visit on a hangover.

Just FYI Nashvillians are some of the friendliest people I’ve
ever come across and they seriously do have THE BEST ACCENT. The southern drawl
is just a joy to my ears, especially on a good looking man!

I’m so glad we made the trip to Nashville and I definitely
want to go back again someday, if only for one more weekend on Broadway!

(Have you been to Nashville before? What did you think?
Thanks so much for reading! Katie-xo)