Vintage Florals

Floral Dress – Ark

Black Leggings – Topshop

Cream Socks – M&S

Doc-Marten-Style Boots – Topshop

Leather Jacket – Vintage

Shopper Tote Bag – Fossil

White-Leather-Band Watch – D&G

Gold Necklace – Vintage

Midi Rings – Miscellaneous

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a long time since I posted something fashion or
beauty related, so I thought I’d give you a little break from the constant
stream of travel posts and throw in a good ol’ OOTD (that’s Outfit of the Day
to all you non-bloggers).

I’ve been back in England for a good couple of weeks now and
forced to get back used to the unpredictability of the infamous British weather,
which always makes day-to-day dressing difficult! I’ve been a resident of this
country for 24 years and it still amazes me how you can get a show of all four seasons
in the space of one day.

On this particular day, I had my own personal battle with
the wind going on. There’s nothing more annoying than spending the time and
effort getting ready for an outing and the wind messes up all your hard work in
the space of a few minutes.

I had just washed my hair and it ended up all over my face
in a frizzy mess which was then captured by my photographer in a way that
resulted in me looking like a psychotic male lion. However, I did manage to get
a couple of half-decent shots in the breaks between angry gusts.

This beautiful vintage-looking floral dress with the cutesy Peter
Pan collar is from Ark. It had a fair few outings in America and I got several
compliments from strangers on it. An American guy even went so far to shout how
much he loved it one night over a live rock band playing in a bar in North
Carolina, much to my surprise. Thanks very much, mate – but why are you more
interested in my dress than the band?!

Anyway the point is – this dress always seems to go down a
winner. The day I shot it I chose to team it with all black as I was feeling
rather grungy (as I often am). The chilly weather meant that leggings were needed
with thick cream socks and Doc-Marten-style boots. I then threw on my leather
jacket with the faux fur lining and grabbed my classic shopper tote from

In order to let the dress do the talking, I decided to accessorise
simplistically in the form of classic gold hoop earrings, a long gold necklace and a designer watch with a white leather band.

After that it was just a case of leaving my naturally wavy
hair to dry and applying gold eyeshadow, liquid liner and a slick of plum
lipstick to highlight the plum tones in the dress. Then I was good to go!

Unfortunately I didn’t receive any compliments on the dress that
day, much to my dismay. I don’t know whether it was just because British people
aren’t quite as forthcoming as Americans or because nobody in England likes the
dress. I’d like to believe it’s the former. Oh, America – how I miss you!

(What do you think to my Vintage Florals OOTD? What would
you team this dress with? Thanks so much for reading this post!

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Thanks again! Katie-xo)