Bad Luck in Boston

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After my sister and I had spent 14 nights in Los Angeles, 3
nights in Vegas, 5 nights in Nashville and 7 nights in North Carolina, it was
time to head to Boston. (If you need to catch up on my posts in the America
series, you can do so here, here, here and here.)

There was a severe weather warning for Boston, NYC and
several other East Coast cities whilst we were still in North Carolina. However,
we managed to make it to Boston in one piece without any delays. The taxi ride
from the airport to our hostel in the centre of Boston, however, was
ridiculously long (and expensive) compared to what it should have been. This was
because of the wintry weather and traffic build-up as it had been snowing in Boston for several days
on end.

I was amazed by the snow and how it was just casually piled up on the
sidewalks – some piles taller than I was! I’d never seen anything like it before
so it did make our experience in Boston a very interesting one.

It also severely affected it. Due to the snow and public
transport delays, it was very difficult to get around and do all of the things
that we wanted to do. It was really cold as well – around -12 to -15 degrees Celsius
on average – I don’t actually think I’ve ever been so cold in my life!

There was one particular chilly morning where we got to see
the Victory Parade for the New England Patriots as they had just triumphed over
the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl a few days previously (which we watched
on TV in Charlotte). We were stood outside for two hours waiting for the parade
to pass us and our limbs had actually gone numb in that time. There was an
extremely bizarre and surreal moment where we couldn’t feel our poor toes! In all honesty, we couldn’t
wait for the parade to be over so could run into the nearest Dunkin’
Donut, sit down, rub our toes and be able to feel all of our body parts again.

Then, on a separate day, we wanted to check out the Charles
River where you’re supposed to get a pretty good view of the city. It snowed
during the entire journey (which was on foot, by the way, and involved
sidestepping big piles of snow and trying not to break our necks on the ice)
and when we finally arrived the river was completely covered in snow and the
city skyline was barely visible! It was a bit of a waste of time.

Put it this way – I now understand why people say don’t
bother visiting Boston in February. The incredible architecture and history is what
draws people to Boston and there’s so much to see but you need decent weather
to be able to see it! Additionally, the city is quite spread out so you need much
better walking conditions and public transport links that are not going to be
delayed every two minutes.

We did get to go see the famous Harvard University though,
on a day when the snow stopped. That was fun as Harvard is based in Cambridge
which is a cute student-filled town with a good shopping, restaurant and night
life scene.

Speaking of the night life scene, for the first time in my life in Boston, I queued for almost an hour in a snow
storm – wearing hardly any clothes, might I add – just to get into an Irish pub.
It was such a laugh in the end, but I’m not sure that I’ll ever do that again! Just
thinking about it now gives me the chills.

Then the day after the night in Cambridge, I caught the bug
that my sister had badly suffered with the week before in Charlotte. It involved being
violently sick for 24 hours, not being able to eat, feeling weak and then having
to deal with severe diarrhoea a couple of days later. Needless to say, after
suffering with wisdom tooth pain in Wilmington and not being able to get
around Boston easily and do the things that we wanted to do, the trip went even
more downhill at this point! It was such a shame as we only had three days left
before we were due to travel home to England.

To top it all off, our flight the following day which would take us to our last stop on the trip (NYC) had been cancelled. After a few stressful hours (which
involved panicked phone calls to our parents, American Airlines and the travel
agency that we booked our trip through), we had arranged to be put on a flight 24
hours later. But this meant that we lost one night’s accommodation money in NYC, as
we had booked the hotel there in advance, and we had to shell out for an extra
night’s accommodation in Boston. Then when we looked at the flight status via
the American Airlines website the night before for our rescheduled flight, we
discovered that this had also been cancelled. CUE MORE STRESS AND PANICKED
PHONE CALLS (which contributed to a horrendous phone bill for the month to

Luckily for us, there was a flight scheduled to leave later on the next day that was on time – so we did eventually manage to get the hell out
of Boston.

PHEWF – it bit of a difficult few days, to say the least. I was
still very ill at the time of leaving Boston as well, which did not bode well
for the next part of the journey.

Even though our time in Boston was tough, I’m still glad that we went. It was an experience that I will never forget! It’s also a great city – it’d just be even greater in warmer weather!

This brings me nicely onto NYC. Look out for my final instalment in the America series – coming

(Have you been to Boston before or had any bad luck when travelling? Thanks so much for reading! Katie-xo)

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