My New Favourite MAC Lipstick

I have recently become crazily obsessed with MAC make-up and, in particular, their lipsticks.

At £15.50 a pop, they’re not cheap – but maaannn are the shades gorgeous! The quality is also incredible which means that they last a long time so it’s worth the initial investment.

My new favourite MAC lipstick is called Heroine; it’s a dark shade of purpley goodness. I’ve been mostly wearing it at night as it is quite vivid, or during the day for those fancier occasions.

It was a Christmas present from my sister and I’ve worn it a handful of times since I was given it – it’s so lush and I find I always get compliments when I wear it.

This brings my MAC collection of lipsticks up to a nice number of 5 and I cannot wait to keep it growing!

[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

(What MAC lipstick shades are you currently wearing? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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