March Matalan Haul

I have to admit: I’m a massive Matalan fan.

I never used to have a Matalan close by all through my school life in Wakefield, all through my uni life in Nottingham and even all through my working life in Milton Keynes.

But, PRAISE THE LORD, now that I’m back up North in Wetherby – I have access to a Matalan that is a 20 minute drive away at St James Retail Park near Knaresborough. (#winning)

In the past year that I have lived here, I have visited said Matalan a good handful of times… and always, without fail, walk out with at least a couple of new purchases.

I recently went yet again and ended up coming out with seventy quid’s worth of stuff. (Sorry, bank account!) It does just prove that it never fails to disappoint!

I love that you can get trend-driven, decent quality pieces for a good price. The homeware is also LUSH.

Here’s what I bought this time around:

Black and Red Paisley Print Dress – £16

Floral Print Tunic – £11 (SALE)

Long Patchwork Print Blue Shirt – £16

1) Black and red paisley print dress – I am having a bit of a ‘bohemian chic’ moment where I just like to put on floaty dresses and a floppy fedora and pretend that I’m Vanessa Hudgens even though I’m NOWHERE NEAR as fit. This dress caught my eye because I thought I could easily dress it up for a night out or dress it down for a casual day outing during the upcoming Spring months.

2) Floral print tunic – I spotted this tunic and instantly fell in love. I’m a sucker for a good floral anyway, but I could instantly picture myself wearing this with blue jeans and sandals for when the weather gets a bit warmer. I’m not sure if you can see in the photo, but it also ties up at the front from the chest to the neck in a criss cross way which I thought was quite cool and quirky.

3) Long patchwork print blue shirt – I’d never owned a shirt that goes past the knee before. As soon as I saw this little number, I knew I had to have it. It’s sheer and it’s pretty and I could just imagine myself wearing it with stompy boots and a top knot pretending I’m a badass. I will definitely need to wear a long black cami tunic underneath it though ‘cos DAYUM GIRL, that shit is see through.

Peach Workout Bra – £4 (SALE)

‘Run To Paradise’ White Crop Top – £1.25 (SALE)

Paint Splattered Print Active Shorts – £1.25 (SALE)

4) Peach workout bra, ‘Run To Paradise’ white crop top and paint splattered print active shorts – There was a section of Matalan dedicated to discounted workout gear this time around. My sister and I are avid Zumba fans at the moment, partaking in it at least once a week, and we simply had to make the most of these bargains and purchase some pieces for our next class. I can wear these pieces together, or I can wear them separately, but either way I WILL wear them and I WILL enjoy them.

Purple Travel Locks – £5

Foldaway Leopard Print Backpack – £6

5) Purple travel locks and foldaway leopard print backpack – I’d like to think that, at some point in the future, I will travel again. Bearing this in mind, I thought it would only be right to invest in these babies as soon as I saw them. The last time I travelled, my ex and I used cheap, normal locks which broke and I borrowed my ex’s Mum’s foldaway backpack that I had to give back. Now I have some fancy, complicated locks and my own sexy leopard print backpack so PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT :)!

Gold ‘K’ Dangly Earrings – £3

Gold Jewelled Hoops – £1 (SALE)

Gold Cuff Earrings With Silver Jewels – £4

6) Gold ‘K’ dangly earrings, gold jewelled hoops, gold cuff earrings with silver jewels – I decided that I needed a bit of bling in my ears to go with my festival-like clothing purchases so I just had to snap these 3x badboys up.

Finally – I also bought my friend’s birthday present but there ain’t NO WAY I’m putting that on here when she hasn’t even opened it yet.

I’m actually dreading the next time I go in Matalan because that’ll be another seventy quid down…

HA just kidding, bae, we’ll probs be reunited like next week or the week after.

(Do you like my purchases? What is your fave? Let me know below! Lots of love, Katie-xo)

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