The Kylie Lip Kit Review: Posie K

April 6, 2016

I decided not long ago that it had to be done. I had to conform to the masses, sell out, ignore any nagging doubts telling me I was stupid to do it just because I wanted Kylie Jenner lips, bite the bullet and purchase one of the famous Kylie Lip Kits.

I’d seen these ‘Lip Kits’ doing the rounds on social media. YEAH – the colours looked pretty nice, the product was reasonably priced, the fact that it comes with both a liquid lipstick and lipliner made it good value for money… But I never thought I’d feel the urge to tap into the trend like so many bloggers before me.

However, that all changed when I started reading the reviews online; ‘beautiful, deep colour that lasts for hours’, read one… ‘the liquid lipstick is moisturising to the lips’, read another… ‘a must have in the world of make-up’ said somebody else, etc ETC.

I knew it was time to swallow my pride.

But, unfortunately, these little babies are very tough to get hold of.

You can only buy them from the official Kylie Cosmetics website, however the Kylie Lip Kit team only restock every month or so with a limited amount of product which means that everything tends to sell out in a matter of hours.

The Lip Kits are all over eBay though, which is where I got mine from, but you should expect to pay more than the original price of $29 (about £21) plus shipping. (I won’t tell you what I paid…)

All of the colours are available, including the new dark purpley shade of ‘Kourtney K’, but I decided to go for the gorgeous dusty pink little number by the name of ‘Posie K’.

I was like a little kid at Christmas waiting for my Lip Kit to arrive – and then, when it did, my first thoughts were how impressive the box and packaging looks. Everything about this product oozes ‘cool’ – from the dripping lips logo to the silky smooth finish of the liquid lipstick.

The lipliner looks like a MAC product and outlines the lips like a dream. The colour just glides on really strong without being too cakey,  and then you simply have to use the liquid lipstick to fill in the rest.

The liquid lipstick smells INCREDIBLE. It really does. It’s potentially the best-smelling lip product I own – all fruity and NOMMY.

It tickles the lips it’s that light, but not light as in watery – it’s easy to apply and provides great coverage in rich block colour.

It’s very wet when first applied, but soon dries to a matte finish. The only thing I’d say is that, if your lips are not moisturised well enough beforehand, the product will dry them out slightly.

I found this out once first-hand but then just popped some vaseline on top – the colour wasn’t spoilt, my lips were back to their smooth selves and ALL WAS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.

I have fallen head over heels in love with the Posie K colour – so much so, that I am considering investing in another Lip Kit in a different colour variety.


But yeah – great product, Kylie. Girl done good.

Grab yours now HERE.

(Did you manage to get hold of one of the Kylie Lip Kits? What colour do you have and what do you think to the product? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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