Kylie Cosmetics ‘Heir’: A ‘Metals’ Review

May 31, 2016

The original Kylie Lip Kits are still very much popular in the beauty world.

However, since their introduction, Kylie Cosmetics have also brought out two new ranges: the ‘Metals’ and the ‘Glosses.’

These are exactly what they say on the tin. The ‘Metals’ are metallic liquid lipsticks and the ‘Glosses’ are lipglosses – and both ranges are available in three shades.

After trying and loving the ‘Posie K’ Kylie Lip Kit, I decided to see what one of the ‘Metals’ had to offer.

STEP FORWARD, Kylie Cosmetics ‘Heir.’

Kylie Cosmetics Heir

Kylie Cosmetics ‘Heir’: The Shade

I must admit, I went for this pinky nude shade over the red ‘Reign’ and the gold ‘King K’ for one reason and one reason only. I saw Khloe Kardashian wearing it just before it was released by Kylie Cosmetics.

(And I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Khloe.)

The Product Itself

I bought ‘Heir’ from eBay, like I did previously with ‘Posie K.’

That said, I didn’t pay as much for it as I did for ‘Posie K’. This was probably due to the fact that it’s a standalone product without the lip liner.

I personally thought that the ‘Metals’ should have included a lip liner.

This first struck me when I tried to use my new liquid lipstick. Even though it’s a nice consistency, it smells good and provides good coverage, the lipstick does kind of do its own thing.

Kylie Cosmetics Heir

The Consistency

The consistency is a bit different to the ‘Posie K’ lip kit liquid lipstick – ‘Heir’ is slightly more watery but this also means that you only need a little bit and it goes a longer way.

It’s not as long lasting on the lips as the ‘Posie K’ lip kit (I could have a 3-course meal, several drinks and a takeaway at the end of the night and it wouldn’t budge.

Having said that, Kylie Cosmetics ‘Heir’ is a great lipstick to start your day in and I find that it only starts deteriorating after a couple of hours.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I would say that the quality of this product is not quite as high as the lip kit (but at a cheaper price point, it’s not meant to be).

That said, it’s a fabulous daywear alternative to the lip kit. And it’s MEGA PRETTY, so you know… There’s that.

The best thing about Kylie Cosmetics ‘Heir’ is the shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous and will perfectly compliment my (future) summer tan. Result.

Kylie Cosmetics Heir

Maybe I should try one of the ‘Glosses’ next – what do you think?

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