4 of My Favourite Pieces From Ivy Park

It’s starting to dawn on me that I’m actually leaving home for six weeks to travel around America in two day’s time… (Cue Monica Geller’s voice…) Two days, baby – TWO DAYS.

Packing for a trip such as this one is an absolute nightmare. If anyone says otherwise, they’re straight-up LYING.

Luckily, we have allowed ourselves a suitcase which makes life a whole lot easier. Thailand will definitely be a backpacking job – but we don’t have to think about that yet 🙂

It’s still hard to know what to take for 6 weeks of exploring, partying and frolicking in the sun. Although when we went last time, for 5 weeks in January 2015, it was even more difficult to pack as we knew we were going to go from one extreme (sunshine in LA) to another (snow in Boston).

This time around, it’s all going to be little tops and shorts and sundresses so I can be like, HEY HELLO SUNSHINE – won’t you please tan my pasty white English rose skin?!

The temperatures in some of the places will be 30 degrees plus, so I definitely don’t need to worry about woolly jumpers, hats and scarves and packing my thermals. (WAHOO!)

I’m conscious not to take more than I need to and only pack my case half full – as I know I will be shopping and buying a lot of stuff out there like I did last time.

I seem to have gone for a few of everything: a few pairs of shorts, a few tops, a few dresses, a few pairs of shoes, a few bikinis – and then I can just mix and match as well as do laundry as we go along. SO EXCITING!

I’ve managed to utilise a lot of holiday clothes that were already in my wardrobe, so I’ve only had to purchase a couple of new bits to finish off an outfit here and there or to do some accessorising.

The one thing I have struggled with immensely is WHAT THE HECK to wear on the plane. It’s two flights from Manchester to LA with the second being 11 hours long – so it goes without saying that my outfit needs to be comfortable, slouchy and preferably something I can get cuddled up in. The weather in Manchester on Monday will, undoubtedly, be RUBBISH – so I also need layers just in case it’s chilly (it will most probably be chilly, let’s face it – it’s England).

Step forward, Ivy Park.

As soon as this little baby launched back in April, I knew I had to get my hands on some of the range. Ivy Park is Beyonce’s activewear range which she partnered with Topshop to distribute in the UK. The mission is ‘to empower women to work out’ with pieces that are functional as well as fashionable.

I decided to buy the below for the plane, but I know I will also wear the pieces when I’m next doing exercise back home.

1) Ivy Park Coral Workout Crop Top – £22

This little coral number is perfect for summer exercise sessions worn over a sports bra – it’s just so cute and SO COLOURFUL.

2) Ivy Park Sleeveless White Tank Top – £15

This sleeveless tank is super loose and super slouchy to allow for maximum movement when working out. It’s a great layer to just throw on over the crop top – minimum effort required.

3) Ivy Park Mid Rise Black Leggings – £25

These black leggings are tight but very stretchy and fit like a glove. I chose these badboys because I loved the Ivy Park logo down the leg – it makes an impact.

4) Ivy Park Pink Sweatshirt – £28

I’m sorry but how adorable is this baby pink sweatshirt?! It’s so soft – the softest item of clothing I have probably ever owned – and will be ideal for snuggling up in on the plane as well as providing an extra layer of warmth in the cabin’s (often freezing) air conditioning.

That’s my plane outfit sorted. The other day I had my hair coloured and cut (WHAT’S UP, blondie) and today I have my beauty appointments. (Girl gotta get groomed before she’s exposed in a tiny two piece on the beach!)

Then all that’s left to do is finish packing and check in for the flight online. (Everything’s coming up Milhouse!)

Better get to it – wish me luck!

(Do you like my Ivy Park gear? What’s your favourite piece? You might not hear from me for a while now as I’m travelling around America – but will definitely be posting all about my adventures when I return! Take care and many thanks for all the support 🙂 Katie-xo)

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