10 Tips For Surviving EDC Weekend in Vegas…

…when you’re not personally going to EDC.

The America Part 2 Series

Before we rocked up to Vegas from LA (read all about what we got up to in LA the second time around here), neither my sister or I had ever heard of EDC.

EDC, short for Electric Daisy Carnival, is one of the BIGGEST electronic music festivals in the world. The main event is held in Vegas every year, bringing in hundreds of thousands of people.

Last time, we were in Vegas for 3 nights in January. Seen as though this time around was a peak summer weekend in June, we expected a lot more tourists… But we didn’t quite expect the amount that there was!

At various times walking down the strip throughout the weekend, you could hardly move for people. It was the annoying type of busy where you’re dodging dawdlers like obstacles and having to mutter ‘EXCUSE ME’ like 5 times per minute. On the flip side, it made for a good atmosphere, as everyone was happy, up for a laugh and ready to PART-AY.

Here’s my tips for surviving Vegas during EDC if you’re not actually one of the festival go-ers:

1) Expect a shortage of taxis/Ubers.

Most taxi/Uber drivers are very reluctant to work during the EDC weekend in fear of horror stories such as people vomiting all over their car and behaving drunk and disorderly. Luckily, we still managed to get Ubers everywhere but there was often a surcharge due to limited availability. #GOODBYEMONEY

2) Be prepared to party excessively on the streets.

People openly drink down the Strip in Vegas in general, but we felt that this was taken to another level during EDC! I’ve never seen so many wasted youngsters being loud and lairy with a drink in their hand openly roaming the streets before. It can get a little annoying if you’re sober, but it can also be great! For example, there may be an instance where you haven’t had time to down all your alcohol during pre-drinks and you have to leave for the night out. Instead having to waste any, you can simply carry on drinking outside on the journey to the club without having to worry about getting into trouble. WINNING.

3) Accept that you will have to queue for a table at least half an hour in every restaurant.

This includes the so-called fast food places. Like Maccy D’s. E’rybody drinking during the day means that e’rybody needs alcohol munchies at the same time. Apparently. Patience is a necessity.

4) Acknowledge that you will get weird looks when people realise you’re not in town for EDC.

The amount of people that would just look at us like ‘EH’ when we said ‘no we’re not actually going to EDC, we’re just here for 3 nights as part of our travelling trip that coincidentally seems to be at the same time as EDC’ was RIDICULOUS. Like soz I’d never heard of it before and we’re gatecrashing your weekend but let’s all just hold hands, dance around the fire and sing Kum Ba Yah because we’re all here for the same reason – to drink, party and have a good time. AMEN, brother.

5) Realise that the clubs are still going to be packed at the weekend even though people are heading to EDC.

Nic and I were stupid enough to think that the clubs might not be AS busy as they usually are on a standard weekend in Vegas because of EDC. SILLY RABBITS. We totally forgot about the locals. Hello, big queues to get in, big queues for the toilets and big queues for the bar. This brings me nicely onto number 6.

6) Make sure you have a promoter for the clubs.

Sometimes you meet them on the Strip, sometimes you are recommended to them by friends and sometimes you even just stumble across them on social media – but you need a promoter to help you navigate the Vegas nightlife. That’s for damn sure! These amazing human beings will get you into the best clubs for free, allow you to jump the queues and even offer you free drinks upon entry.

7) Expect to be pleasantly surprised with the acts at pre-EDC events.

It was during the pre-EDC party at INTRIGUE @ Wynn that we were lucky enough to experience of the most awesomest DJ’s I’ve ever seen or heard IN MY LIFE (if awesomest is a word). Step forward, Marshmello! We had the best time watching his set and fell a little bit in love, so much so that we are keeping a beady eye on his upcoming schedule so we can potentially see him again… AND THIS TIME WE WILL PAY.

8) Don’t let the crowds put you off visiting the tourist attractions.

Yes, everywhere will be busy – but there’s certain things you must do in Vegas whether there’s a crowd or not. You have to visit the famous ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, go to a casino and gamble, spend a day at Fremont Street, watch the Bellagio fountain show and see a show (to name a few). Why?! BECAUSE YOU JUST HAVE TO, BRO! We went to see Britney this time around and it was such a laugh! #wheninVegas

9) Stay in a fancypants hotel for the night.

Staying somewhere swanky for the night will get you away from some of the younger EDC crowd, as not everyone can afford to stay in one of the five stars on the Strip. INCLUDING US. I mean, we are budget travellers! However, we spent the first two nights slumming it in the Travelodge so we could splash out on the Bellagio for the third night for a bit of a different experience (to say the least!) And MAN, was it worth it.

10) Watch out for those infamous Las Vegas heatwaves.

As soon as we arrived in Vegas, the Uber driver who picked us up from the airport warned us that a heatwave was about to strike and we should be prepared for temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius. I’m sorry, WHAT?! Us Britons can only deal with 30 degrees tops and then we get too hot and stressy. FORTY FIVE DEGREES CELSIUS – are you trying to melt me, sun?!

Apparently this is quite standard for a peak summertime weekend in June, but luckily the temperature only reached 38 degrees whilst we were there (which was hot enough for us)! Drinking lots of water is key – especially when partying as we all know how dehydrating alcohol is.

I really don’t know how the locals cope with heat like that but I’m glad we don’t have to worry about it in little ol’ England where the temperature barely reaches 26 degrees most summers.

All in all, we had a blast in Vegas this time around and I think the fact that we were there the same time as EDC made it so much more fun! We definitely wouldn’t let it stop us from going around the same time again, we’d just be a lot better prepared having already had the experience.

Vegas, I LOVE YOU!

Next stop: Cancun.

To be continued…

(Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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